10 Best Snow Blizzard Memes That'll Keep You Warm From Laughing So Hard

Eek, snow! Snow is pretty to look at when you're staring at it from your couch in front of the fireplace. If you have to be out and about in it and it ruins your routine or plans, it's pretty lame. Although I will say, that downtime allows people to create some of the best snow blizzard memes that keep us all warm from laughing uncontrollably.

Seriously, I've almost had hot cocoa come out of my nose just from scrolling through Twitter. I don't know what it is about temporary misery that allows people to come up with clever and funny posts, but it is everything. Yeah, blizzards aren't necessarily new to us, but somehow every time there is one, people continue to get funnier and funnier.

If you happen to be taking shelter in the house, or sadly have to find a way to commute to work (bless your heart), then these memes and posts will surely keep you company. I'm almost certain that social media was basically made for memes, and without them, many crappy predicaments would have no silver lining. So, whether you're living this cold nightmare IRL or laughing from afar in a warm, heaven-sent location, any of these memes are sure to be entertaining AF.

When The Snow Doesn't Keep You From Work
concertideas on Twitter

Having to go to work when it snows is literally the worst. It's almost borderline impossible to leave your bed, and you feel like absolutely no one else is going to work. Cherish your snow day, because not everyone gets them.

Wait, Maybe It's Not Really Snow
lindadono on Twitter

The lottery is up to an insane amount right now, and it's likely that a lot of the snow you see outside could possibly be tickets that didn't win. Totally kidding. Even with all of that money though, you can't make this cold stop. Seriously, I've looked into it.

When That Work Grind Is All Too Real
graduatepaint on Twitter

It sucks when your boss genuinely doesn't care how you get to work, just as long as you are there. Kissing up to Mother Nature won't help, because by now you see that she does whatever the hell she wants. Is it too late for us to say sorry?

When You're Literally The Last Person To Make It To The Store
jemelehill on Twitter

People do not play around about the possibility of being snowed in their houses for days on end. If you think making it to the grocery store "when you can" is going to suffice, think again. The Hunger Games basically unfolds right in front of your eyes, aisle by aisle.

When We Need Elsa's Enthusiasm About The Cold
warrior_radio on Twitter

Look, the cold makes you crabby. Disney characters are not exempt from our wrath of sarcasm and misery. Elsa, we could really use some of your pro-cold spirit right about now.

When Forgetfulness Will Cost You
update_heating on Twitter

It seems like a harmless mistake if you aren't battling decreasingly low temperatures, but when you are, this is basically a fatal error. Even forgetting to put your windshield wipers up can be a total bummer. There are rules to this sh*t.

When Oprah Is Speaking Your Language
tancredienglish on Twitter

So, if Oprah was just outside somewhere handing out snow days like cash money, we'd probably all handle the weather better. I mean, it's Oprah. She makes everything better.

When The Snow Acts As A Concealer
ehcanadamemes on Twitter

Snow makes everything blend in. In some cases, it works in your favor, but ultimately, it's confusing AF. Everything shouldn't look the same! You hear me?!

When Snow Days Are Actually Disappointing AF
brandyandmoose on Twitter

The only thing worse than feeling like you were cheated out of a snow day, is when you kind of have a snow day, but you're still working from home. Yeah, you don't have to battle the cold elements outside, but still. Just let us live out the cold in peace and unhindered by work.

When Technology Won't Save You
drbashir2017 on Twitter

By now, why the heck isn't there an app that immediately relinquishes snow from your porch and driveway? Shoveling is so lame and exhausting. Siri, I'm going to need you to work some magic, ASAP.

Winter is that season we all love to hate on. These memes are giving life to those of us that can hardly feel our toes right now.