20 Hilarious Tweets About The Bomb Cyclone That'll Make You Relax About It


Although 2017 was — let's face it — a real drag, many of us were hoping that 2018 would bring the happiness and salvation we've all been seeking out. However, just three days into the new year, meteorologists nationwide are predicting Grayson (a "bomb cyclone") will bombard the East Coast with freezing temperatures, blustering winds, and copious amounts of freezing rain and snow. If a winter hurricane isn't the ideal start to your year (which I'll assume it's not), here are 20 funny tweets about the bomb cyclone that might make surviving the chill just a teensy bit better.

According to CNN, the bomb cyclone is expected to dump six to 12 inches of snow in New England on Jan. 4, while hurling 40 to 60-mph wind gusts throughout the entire East Coast. Atrociously low temperatures, freezing rain, sleet, and snow will even plague as far south as Alabama and Florida (so at least we're all in this together... right?). State officials throughout the East Coast are preparing shelters and giving serious warnings for residents to just stay indoors — because, honestly, none of us are even slightly prepared for the copious amounts of snow, wind, and ice that are about to rudely invite themselves into our lives.

This heinous weather — while it sounds insufferable — is bringing out a variety of interesting and entertaining reactions from the Twitterverse. Some people on Twitter are just super ready to play in the snow and snuggle the heck out, while others are freaking terrified (crazy cold weather is honestly a real day-ruiner). Some have just been waiting for the world to end since the last election, and others really have no idea what is going on with our planet (and we're honestly just with the latter group, because what the heck is going on?).

For all of you who are ready to get your cuddles and snow time on, I'm with you. Cold AF weather is the perfect time to whip out your comfiest sweaters and the best movies, because those are the highlights of winter — and this is just winter times 10. Am I right?

Some Twitter users are dreading this dramatic AF winter weather, and I don't disagree with y'all, either. Whether you're from an area that rarely experiences any temperatures below paradise, or if you're merely worried about your en-route Amazon Prime packages, I totally feel your pain. I'm really not looking forward to the extreme cold and snow, either.

For those of you who are just totally over the declining state of our planet, I get it. This may be Mother Earth's the last laugh, and we'll just have to embrace the end. This is it, people.

Finally, some of us just have no freaking idea what's going on and we have some questions. Why is this bomb cyclone any different than any harsh winter we've had, and why is it coming after us? Why is its name so freaking intense? Are we actually living in Game of Thrones right now? We won't know much about it until it actually comes our way, and we're honestly just confused by Mother Earth wreaking this havoc RN.

So, whether you're laughing at us cold AF people chillin' (literally) on the East Coast from a tantalizingly warm beach in Maui, or if you're suffering along with us, everyone is definitely feeling some type of way about this menacingly cruel weather. So get ready to pull out your warmest socks and all three Austin Powers movies, because this cold weather has nothing on us. We are so ready.

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