10 Instagram Captions To Use On Your Partner's Birthday That'll Make Them Melt

by Annie Foskett

They say it's bae's birthday, da-na-na-na-na-na. It's my birthday too, yeah. (Actually, no it's not, those are Beatles lyrics with a certain millennial term added for effect.) But if you are planning on posting an Instagram for your partner's birthday this year, then I wish I was your partner and it was my birthday. I love a good birthday shoutout from a friend or lover on social media. It gives me the warm-fuzzies. Instagram captions for your partner's birthday are important — they're a public declaration of your appreciation of your partner, no pressure!

In all seriousness, there is no pressure to pick the "perfect" wording. There is no such thing. Publicly celebrating your partner on Instagram is a really thoughtful gesture, and that should be enough. Instagram should be a place where we all give fewer effs, and anyway, birthdays are rather arbitrary — they are quite literally just the anniversary of the day you were born. Still, having the right caption make you look clever and your partner feel appreciated.

So what's the recipe to whipping up a great birthday caption for someone you love more than just as a friend? Ingredient one: be as funny as you can be. (Because when things get too mushy on a public platform, everyone gets uncomfortable.) Ingredient two: show some appreciation for the person who is the reason you're not single. Oh, and make sure not to take the whole thing too seriously, because I've got some inspiration for bae's Insta-celebration.

"Happy Birthday to this pizza my heart!"

For when you're holding pizza. Ideally, a heart-shaped one. Because what is love if it isn't custom-ordering a pizza for someone on their birthday?

"Happy Bae Day!"

To some, this might look like a lazy pun, but to me, this looks like a really simple way to caption a birthday post for your sweeties without going overboard on personal details and feels.

"Really thankful for your mom circa 1994 today."

Of course you should adjust the year in the caption accordingly, depending on when your partner was born. If you love your person very much, you've also got to love their mom very much for going through the pain that is labor on the same day 24 years ago. But if you're not super tight with your partner's mom, maybe skip this caption idea? Could seem a little snarky.

"Happy birthday to the one who turned my birthday into a lifestyle."

No list of Instagram captions is complete without a riff on a Drake lyric. Ideally, this caption should accompany a photo involving cake and/or balloons.

"Find you a man who ages like fine wine."

This is a great caption if your partner is hitting one of those "crap, I'm old" milestones like 25 or 30. (And if you're dating a woman, again, adjust accordingly.) Age ain't nothing but a number.

"I love you more than I love cake."

Again, bonus points if there's a cake in the picture.

"Mature adjacent."

For the photo of your and your partner acting very silly, er, youthful with giant "30" balloons visible in the background. Add a "Happy birthday to my love!" if you want to mush this up a bit.

"A whole day to celebrate my favorite person!"

Simple and sweet, but not saccharine. I'm a grouch, and I approve this message!

"Sappy Birthday! I'm posting on Instagram and I'm sorry if you're embarrassed, I just love you!"

A pun, a meta acknowledgement, and a genuinely sweet message. Anyone would appreciate the sentiment of this Instagram post. Especially if the photo is of the two of you looking extra cute.

"Started from the bottom, now you're 24!"

Another day, another Drake riff. But this caption is for the childhood photo of your partner. You know, that elementary school picture day shot, complete with bowl hair cut and little glasses.