10 Halloween Traditions To Start With Your Sister In Your 20s & Continue Forever

Your sister has been your Halloween buddy since you were counting your king-sized candy bars on the living room rug. You've coordinated costumes and filled multiple pillow cases together. You two know how to creep it real at all times, and that's why there are plenty of Halloween traditions to start with your sister in your 20s.

Just because you're older doesn't mean you two can't fully take advantage of a boo-tiful night like Halloween. You never needed an excuse to hang out with your sister, but when seasonal festivities are involved, she's the first person you think about. Whether you're tag-teaming a costume party or living your best lives indoors, you need to establish little traditions that you can share forever.

She's your girl, and it's never difficult to come up with fun things to do together. On Halloween, you have to find resourceful ways to bring back that childhood nostalgia. Sure, those days are in the memory books, but you've got your sis to help you bring those carefree vibes back.

Even if you aren't trick or treating, you deserve something sweet and memorable on Halloween. After all, adulting can't be all work and no play. So, grab your sis and start any of these 10 traditions for the long haul.

Host A Halloween Potluck

Start sifting through your Pinterest boards and hit the kitchen. from baked goods to pumpkin-flavored dishes, you can cook up a serious storm together.

Attend A Spooky Bar Crawl

Themed bar crawls can be so much fun. If you're 21 or over, hit the streets with your sis and enjoy a few rounds of colorful, spooky drinks out of caudrons. I'd heers to that!

Get In A Few Blocks Of Trick Or Treating, Just For Laughs

It doesn't matter how old you are, you can enjoy the perks of free candy. Obviously, you aren't going to spend the whole night filling up pillow cases, but it couldn't hurt to hit up a few houses on your way to other festivities with your sis. Just like old times, right?

Go On A Ghost Tour

The cool thing about ghost tours is that they aren't only happening in your town. You can travel to different cities and get to the origins of those creepy stories you've read about. Get ready to be spooked.

Decorate Your Apartments Together

Decking out your apartment for Halloween can be so much fun. Make it a point to decorate with the fake spider webs, pumpkins, and string lights. You can enjoy it all month long.

Coordinate A Costume Together

By now, you know that Halloween calls for more than one costume. Coordinate one you guys can rock together. Whatever you come up with will be so worthy of the 'Gram, so get creative with it.

Get Creative With Pumpkin Carving

There are so many pumpkin carving designs to choose from. Hit up Pinterest for some inspiration, and be sure to save those seeds. It'll be like the good old days.

Hand Out Candy To The Neighborhood Kids

Remember when you were one of those eager kids ready to load up on all the sweets? Well, give back with your favorite trick or treating partner. You'll swoon over the cute costumes of the kiddos.

Get Spooked With A Scary Movie Night

As much as scary movies creep you the heck out, you can't deny the thrill they give you around Halloween. You have your sis, so you don't have to get goosebumps alone. (Yes, you have every right to make her walk you to the bathroom afterwards.)

Sing All Of Your Basic Halloween Favorites At Karaoke Night

You're already humming the "Monster Mash," so take those Halloween vibes to the stage. You know your sis is your favorite duet partner. Sing your hearts out.

You started the Halloween fun with your sister back in the day. None of that should change just because you're no longer kids.