10 Most Adorable Cats In Halloween Costumes That Are Here To Melt Your Heart

There’s an extremely special reason why cats rule the internet. They're our fluffy, cuddly companions with so much sass and attitude, that we can’t help but instantly fall in love with them. They’re already so adorable, but when you add a wig and a costume into the mix for Halloween, these sweet felines get all the more cuter. If you have a cat at home, I’m sure you’re constantly struggling to find more storage space on your phone from all of the pictures you take. I hope you find some decent room, because throughout the Halloween season, you’ll inevitably be taking an absurd amount of snaps of your furry friend dressing up. In fact, there are some seriously cute Halloween costumes for cats that will have everyone's heart melting.

Who even has time to think about their own costume when you’re too busy brainstorming the endless possibilities for your fur baby? Whether it’s something spooky, silly, punny, or topical, your cat will absolutely slay the day. Here are 10 cats that are killing us with an insane amount of cuteness in their Halloween garb. Please take all of the pictures you can this year and post them to social media, because this is exactly what the internet needs. Hopefully these felines will give you some inspo for your cat's Halloween costume this year.

This Cat Is Stopping Traffic
Ellysa Claire on Twitter

The police have never looked so fluffy. Look at this cat's little arm directing traffic to go left, and try not to smile. Honestly, I'll go anywhere this cat tells me to go. Get this hardworking police officer a tuna donut, because he deserves it.

This Little Witch Is Too Sweet For Words
Stephanie Rae on Twitter

I can't even right now. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm totally under this witch's spell of cuteness. Oh, you want more chicken? Yes, right away.

Of All The Pumpkins, This One's My Favorite
Acorn on Twitter

We see pumpkins everywhere this time of year — from Pumpkin Spice Lattes, to jack-o-lanterns decorating people's front porches. They're all festive, but none of them will ever compare to this adorable pumpkin cat. Look at how he's being a great sport wearing his pumpkin hat for the picture. You're a patient pumpkin, and we love you for it.

This Hot Dog Cat Knows What's Up
taylor on Twitter

I feel for you, kitty. But also, thank you for wearing this hot dog costume, because we're totally loving it. I'm currently full from all of the adorableness.

What A Fluffy Little Monster
Amanda Myers on Twitter

This cat's scary Halloween costume game is on point. I think this is the only little monster we'd ever be OK with finding under our bed. In fact, under my bed is exactly where you would find my cat.

This Batman Cat Is Here To Save The Day
Hans Taeubler on Twitter

I can sleep soundly knowing that my house is protected by this Batman cat. Look at how cute the little cape is. Move over Ben Affleck, because we've found a new Batman to save the day.

This Tutu-Wearing Kitty Is Looking Super Glam In Sparkles
Molls 🎃 on Twitter

I'm sure this cat just wants to fly right out of this costume, but we're so glad she didn't. A tutu and wings tie this fabulous kitty costume together. And let's be real, we're totally here for all of those sparkles.

The Most Cuddly Lion We Ever Did See
spooky yung fidget on Twitter

I'd like to imagine this little kitty has always dreamed of growing up to be a big lion, and now she gets to be one on Halloween. Did you ever see a more adorable lion? This one's surely melting hearts left and right.

I Can't Handle How Cute This Unicorn Is
Aneyla Adona on Twitter

It's the rainbow mane that really completes this costume. There's just something about adding hair to an already furry cat that makes me smile. It's safe to say this cat is magical AF.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For All Of This Cuteness
💀🎃Spoopy Tuna💀🎃 on Twitter

Whoever invented a pet costume with human arms is a genius. It's the perfect mixture of cute and hilarious, and I'm in love with this cowboy. Every time your cat walks around the house, it'll be like he's prepping for a duel.

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