10 Floppy Summer Hats That'll Make Your Beach Instagram Snaps Pop

Free People

While there's no doubt that bucket hats and visors are two of the head-topping trends du jour, floppy hats for summer 2019 are also most definitely a thing. Thanks to a certain Instagram post uploaded by Bella Hadid last year in which the model poses on a beach covered in nothing but sand and a giant-brimmed straw hat, the style has been on a major popularity uptick as of late. But was Hadid really the first woman in the spotlight to rock the style? If you'll remember back to Sex and the City (the movie), Samantha Jones sports a similarly theatrical hat while sitting on her Los Angeles balcony and taking in the sight of her smoking hot neighbor. With these two power women behind the style, it's no wonder it's become such a trend.

Whether you're into a brim so big that half your body will be shaded while laying down or you prefer something slightly less substantial, there'll be an option you'll love. From those woven from ultra bright hues to those featuring a textured raw edge brim, there's a style for everyone. Below, 10 of the coolest options on the market now.

Dark Outline

The black detailing around the brim of this hat serves as an unexpected contrast to its natural straw makeup. It takes the style in a more elevated direction and lets it toe the line between bohemian and sleek.

Crumpled Up

This hat reminds me of a crumpled piece of paper that's been somewhat flattened back out and yet, I still want to own it! I don't know if it's the bow or the structural intrigue of the piece, but I want it on my head during my next beach day.

Head in the Clouds

If you could be surrounded by rainbows all the time, wouldn't you want to be? This hat can make that happen.

Join the Fray

The frayed edges contrast the formal feeling band perfectly on this hat! I especially love how structured and cowboy-inspired the crown portion of the style looks in comparison to the seemingly unfinished brim.

Top It All Off

Because sometimes a natural straw hat simply does not go with your look.

Solid Choice

Thanks to its cylindrical crown and thicker straw weave, this hat seems to have a more solid structure about it. But seeing as the brim is still ultra wide, it definitely counts as floppy.

Rough Around the Edges

Scarecrow style has never looked cooler. If you're into a frayed brim — like, really into it — this hat is perfect for you.

Full Circles

Add a pop of pattern into your look via this striped straw hat. The colors are neutral enough to pair with anything but still pack a fun punch.

Simply Put

Thanks to its smaller brim, this hat feels more appropriate for the everyday and can be worn to pretty much any event or occasion.

Sunshine Hat

Fight sun with sunshine yellow — it'll keep your summer extra bright.