10 Drinking Games With Movies To Play With Your Friends When You're Snowed In

Getting snowed in isn't so bad if you have your crew of favorite humans who are 21 and up, a supply of beverages, and access to movies. You have to make the best out of being stuck wherever you are. Drinking games with movies are so entertaining because everyone is on high alert and scouting for the items that mean take a sip. You'll likely never watch the movie the same afterwards.

Now, while movies can be seen by people of various ages, when drinking games are involved, it's only for people who are of the legal age to drink, of course. Many of these movies are ones that we didn't even notice had repetitive themes or actions until it meant we had to take a drink from our glass. The drink totally doesn't have to be a shot, either. Everyone can have a cup of their fave that they keep for the duration of the game. Every time that certain thing happens in the movie, everyone can simply take a drink out of their glass.

Obviously, you want everyone to be able to play more than one round. You can make or adjust the rules as you go because there's no specific playbook for this. Those snowed in days will now be a hell of a good time if you play any of these drinking games with movies.


If you happen to be snowed in with a group of ladies, this will be even better. Take a drink every time Cher has a new purse, insults Josh, or says anything remotely sexual. You can also add in whenever she makes up an excuse for something, whines, or says "as if."

'The Hangover'

The Hangover couldn't be a more perfect game to drink to. Bottoms up every time you see a Las Vegas landmark, Alan getting yelled at or screwing up, and when someone gets injured. It's also fair game to take a sip when anyone can't regroup from uncontrollable laughter. This movie is so eventful, it won't be hard to keep track.


Alright, maybe you're feeling a little bit more into horror flicks. This scary movie is a slightly older one, but still a good one. Be ready to take a drink whenever someone says the title of a scary movie, the masked killer pops out of a random place, and when a phone rings. This scary flick is best watched at night with the lights out to set the tone.


In this hilarious movie, drink every time Zac Efron has his shirt off. Lucky you, you'll be sipping more than once for that. Also drink when someone pulls a prank.

'Nightmare On Elm Street'

And we are back to the scary movies. This one is certainly up for innovation on your part. You can sip every time someone falls asleep, when you see the boiler room, and whenever you hear that creepy nursery rhyme. Eek!

'American Pie'

American Pie will forever be a classic in our hearts. For this film, take a drink whenever someone talks about sex, you hear the "stifmeister," and when you see anyone kissing. Round up a big crew of friends for this one, because it will be a ball.

'The Craft'

Ahh, gotta love this movie, seriously. Make it fun, but be sure to take a drink whenever someone says "magic," casts a spell, or if Nancy says anything insulting, rude, or mean. Such a classic.

'Mean Girls'

A well-planned drinking game to Mean Girls will immediately turn your snow day into a win. There are so many things in this movie that you could make a part of the rules. You can drink whenever someone says a rumor, Regina George, or every time Karen says something not-so-smart. Again, you have free range for this movie.

Any 'Harry Potter' Movie

Harry Potter movies aren't the shortest, so they are great to soak up time and entertain your drinking game! OK, muggles, take a sip whenever you hear the word "wizard," the phrase "he who shall not be named," or Harry's full name. You can also drink whenever Dumbledore spits that knowledge.

'The Lion King'

Is it even a game if there isn't something Disney involved? The Lion King will always be a fan favorite no matter how old you get. First, take a drink whenever someone says Mufasa's name, and whenever Timon and Pumbaa are having a super bromance moment. Feel free to add more rules.

When everyone is super down for the cause, drinking games are so worth it. Choose your flicks, make your own rules, and allow being snowed in to be a great time.