Here Are The Most Popular College Drinking Games Ranked By Instagram Hashtags

by Hope Schreiber

Ah, college: a time I would remember fondly, if I didn't drink so much.

Drinking at college is a rite of passage. A diploma and your family's pride aren't the only things you'll earn during your four years.

You'll also earn a higher tolerance.

And just like you'll learn a lot in your classes, you're going to learn a lot at your parties -- like drinking games.

CollegeStats compiled information they gained from the Instagrams of college students to figure out just what goes down in the hallowed halls of higher education.

(Side note, college kids: WHY ARE YOUR INSTAGRAMS NOT PRIVATE?!)

It should come as no surprise the number one drinking game is...

Beer Pong

Tried and true, beer pong is so popular you'll find ping pong balls for sale right next to the red Solo cups in any supermarket or gas station.

A good pongin' is the bread and butter of a good party. The fun only ends after the final ping pong ball is lost or everyone gets meningitis.


OK, I don't understand how quarters came into second place. First, who has spare change in college? I certainly didn't.

Second, I can't for the life of me figure out how to throw a quarter into a cup, and I don't want a physics student trying to explain it to me.

Flip Cup

Flip cup is fun, except when you're so drunk you have an inability to make a cup land upside down.

You really start questioning your life's purpose when you're near tears because your flip cup teammates are just staring at you like the constant failure you are.

Power Hour

A power hour is when you take a shot of beer every minute on the minute for an hour. This seems dangerous, and you're going to have to pee a lot, so I don't recommend it.

The runners up include Beer Olympics (which is just a bunch of drinking games put together and doesn't count), King's Cup (my personal favorite), Drunk Jenga (which is just too annoying to put back together when drunk) and Edward 40 Hands (which I've never played because what happens when I have to pee?).

But as I always say,

I don't need no feckin' (hiccup) game to make me (hiccup) drink, OK!?

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