10 Drake Quotes You Should Put In Your Tinder Bio To Make That Hotline Bling

by Alison Segel
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Music is the universal language, or so they say. (Someone has said that, right?) So why shouldn't you use it to help you snag the love of your life on a dating app? I used to have Celine Dion lyrics from Titanic on my profile, but somehow, it didn't bring a soulmate my way. But you know what could help? Adding in some Drake quotes for your Tinder bio. Drake is the king of romance. Didn't you hear that he is already buying Birkin bags for his future wife whom he doesn't even know yet? I mean, is there anything more romantic (read: kind of desperate) than that?

Dating app bios can really make or break meeting the love of your life. Believe me, this is pretty much a high-pressure, high-stakes situation that your entire love life depends on. If you make one wrong move, say one wrong thing, or use one too many emojis, your chance at finding happiness is over... forever. (OK, just kidding, not really.) The only way to protect yourself from dying alone is utilizing some Drake lyrics to create the perfect profile. Believe me, it's science.

So here are some Drake quotes for your Tinder bio that'll definitely make your hotline bling. Maybe you'll even attract Drake and his dungeon full of Birkin bags.

1. "P*ssy Run Everything"

— Drake, "Make Me Proud"

Use this one so everyone who looks at your profile knows who is boss. #WomenShouldBeInChargeOfEverything.

2. "On My Worst Behavior"

— Drake, "Worst Behavior"

Not really on dating apps looking for your soulmate or the love of your life? Not trying to settle down right now? That's OK, hooking up is just fine. Just let the world know you're on your worst behavior... or let Drake say it for you.

3. "Live For Today, Plan For Tomorrow, Party Tonight"

— Drake, "The Real Her"

This is a good life philosophy. It feels very serene and enlightened. So if you want potential matches to know how spiritually sound you are, then just use this Drake lyric about partying and living in the moment. Being present is super important!!!

4. "I Cannot See Heaven Being Much Better Than This"

— Big Sean feat. Drake, "Blessings"

Because you are heaven, and nothing is better than you.

5. "Sweatpants, Hair Tied, Chillin' With No Makeup On"

— Drake, "Best I Ever Had"

This only really works if your default picture is one of you being low maintenance. But maybe you could be describing your ideal date? Either way, these are some good Drake lyrics.

6. "I Got My Eyes On You. You’re Everything That I See. I Want Your Hot Love and Emotion, Endlessly."

— Drake, "Hold On, We're Going Home"

Remember when Drake confessed his love for Rihanna on stage, tried to kiss her, and then, she swerved it and gave him her cheek? V awkward moment all around. However, these lyrics make for a great dating app bio. I want some hot love and emotion, endlessly. Damn.

7. "I Just Want Some Head In A Comfortable Bed"

— Drake, "The Language"

If you're looking to f*ck — and ASAP — then this will do the trick. You'll get a bunch of right swipes with this one FOR SURE.

8. “I Might Be Too Strung Out On Compliments, Overdosed On Confidence”

— Drake, "Headlines"

You can also add "But if you want to give me some more compliments, I'm down..."

9. “I’m Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time”

— Big Sean feat. Drake, "Blessings"

Because you're all about staying present in the moment, right?

10. "Intelligent ,Too, Oh, You My Sweetheart. I've Always Liked My Women Book And Street Smart."

— Drake, "Fancy"

Scream to the digital dating universe that you are a well-rounded human being who contains multitudes! With Drake lyrics!

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