10 Dogs At The Beach Who Understand How Stoked We Are For Summer

I don't know about you, but I'm personally exhausted of the lingering cold weather. Hello summer, where you at?! We're looking for some sunshine and chill days spent on the sand. It's the perfect time to take a trip to the shore, and the best bud to bring along for a beach day is your dog. Our four-legged friends cannot get enough of the waves and running around on the sand playing Frisbee. I know I say it a lot, and I'm screaming, "Same" over here when I see pictures of how happy dogs at the beach are. They are truly so many of our spirit animals, and we are here for them.

They say dogs are man's best friend, but it's totally true because they really get us. I've never felt more in my element when looking at these photos of pups. It's like the fur babies are reading our minds, and totally understand how stoked we are for summer to be here already. While you're still having to wear your over-sized sweaters, you'll instantly feel warm and cozy looking at these 10 pups and how happy they are to be at the beach. I'm fur real getting over my winter blues now that I've seen these adorable doggies. Belinda Carlisle was right when she sang, "heaven is a place on Earth" — when you have summer, dogs, and the beach, of course.

This Bulldog Is Showing Us How Life Ain't Ruff At The Beach
loulouholtz on Twitter

LouLou is one beach babe, modeling for all to see on the sand. Hey pup, this is totally profile pic-worthy. I'm loving how this pup perfectly timed the snap with the waves crashing in the background, too.

Watch Out Pup — That Ball's Headed Straight For You
Mauro Grigollo/Stocksy

This bulldog looks way too calm and cool as that ball is headed straight for him. Though, he's probably a pro at playing fetch — so he's got it covered. This pic is totally leaving me in suspense, though. Will he catch it? Or maybe, he'll head-butt it. Who knows?

This Shaggy Pup Has The Perfect Beach Hair
Lindsey Boccia/Stocksy

The beach can kind of be a disaster for your hair with the wind, sand, and salt water. Most of us are always looking for the best beach 'do that looks stylish, but keeps our waves out of our face. I'm sure this shaggy dog has a hard time keeping her fur out of her face, but she has perfected her beach look with this side pony. Pup, you're looking fab.

These Doggies Know There's A Lot To Sea At The Beach
tee_qd89 on Twitter

Hey pups, what are you looking at? The camera's over here. There must be something fun going on that we can't see. The beach is always popping with cool vibes and fun times. But let's be real — they're probably just looking at some seagulls.

This Pup Is Just Dachshund Through The Sand
Matthew Linker/Stocksy

This dachshund is one hot dog, running on the sand. I would totally watch a reboot of Baywatch that was just dogs on the beach. Sorry, Zac Efron — these pups are stealing hearts left and right.

The Beach Has This Dog Truly Smiling From Ear To Ear
Isaiah & Taylor Photography/Stocksy

You can't help but to smile when you're at the beach. It's all that vitamin D you're taking in. This pup's ears may be extended, but it's only to match how wide his adorable smile is.

Try To Contain Your Excitement Looking At This Dog
occupied_burns on Twitter

Look at that face! This is Nikki's first trip to the beach, and she is super pumped. Just looking at her, it's like the excitement is rubbing off. I'm smiling just as big, and hope you truly seas the day, sweet pup.

This Dog Is Looking Royal AF Lounging On The Sand
silly_p_lilly on Twitter

Sunset is truly a magical time to be on the beach. It's also prime time to get that Insta pic of you looking fab in the sand. This pooch named Princess Lilly knows exactly how to pose for the camera, and I'm truly loving it, right down to that pink bow in her fur.

This Pup Is Feeling The Sand On His Nose

Humans get sand in between their toes, but on your nose? I guess that's a thing for dogs. I totally get it — we're still finding sand in our car from last summer. That stuff gets everywhere.

Sun's Out, Tongues Out On This Golden Beach Day
Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy

This golden retriever definitely had to best day ever at the beach. Just look at how happy he is with his tongue out, relaxing on the sand. It may not be summer just yet — but I'm totally feeling warm inside looking at this pawsitively adorable pup.