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10 Creative Date Ideas For Halloween That Are Scarily Unique


Fall is here, which means spooky season is upon us! I’m a sucker for Halloween, and I’m all for keeping the holiday alive even after you’ve outgrown your trick-or-treating years. Sure, Halloween brings about lots of childhood memories for many people (and embarrassing photos, in my case), but you can still enjoy the festivities just as much as an adult. Plan a few creative date ideas for Halloween 2019 to get you and your partner in the holiday spirit.

Maybe you’re a big fan of anything scary — haunted houses, horror movies, and creepy decorations. Or maybe (like me) you prefer the cozier, more creative part of Halloween — the fun outfits, hot apple cider, and warm baked goods. Regardless, you don’t need to wear expensive costumes and go out to parties to take advantage of the season. Set aside an evening with your partner to celebrate Halloween in an original way. It may turn out to be one of your best memories together! All these dates can be customized to suit the vibe you enjoy the most, and you can even combine a few together if you want to make it a major occasion.

Surprise your SO with an invitation to one of these inventive date nights… and tell them they might need to be prepared for something ominous.

Go To A Haunted House

For couples who love a good scare, check out the haunted houses in your city and book two tickets for Halloween night. Since the lines can sometimes get long depending on where you live, try to arrive early and plan your date night around it. You might want to make dinner plans afterward so you can decompress together over a delicious meal and dessert.

People Watch

Halloween might be the best night of the year for people watching. If you live in an area where lots of people dress up and hit the town, you could make a night of watching the festivities. Post up at a local park, an ice cream shop, or somewhere else where you can point out your favorite costumes to each other. If you live in a place where trick-or-treating is big, you could also hand out candy together.

Bake Spooky Treats

If you love to bake, Halloween is the dream excuse to go all out in the kitchen. The recipe options are endless — pumpkin cookies, rice crispy mummies, or pretzel spiderwebs. You’ll have a blast creating a dish together, even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly. And plus, who doesn’t love when the whole house smells like cinnamon and spices?

Watch A Scary Movie

Watching a movie together makes a great date night any time of the year, but to theme it specifically around Halloween, choose a thriller movie you both haven’t seen. Cuddle up on the couch with the lights turned down low to make things seriously scary — and hey, at least you have each other’s hand to hold.

Hit Up The Candy Aisle

Got a sweet tooth? Hit up your local supermarket’s candy aisle and make it an affair. You don’t need to trick-or-treat to get a sugar rush — you can put together your own basket of candy to much on for the next week (or month, no judgment).

Have A Sexy Night In

Halloween is all about fantasies, which makes it the ideal time to explore your fantasies together during a night at home. Rather than dressing up in costumes and going out together in public, share some new things you’d like to try together in bed. It’ll be a night you won’t want to forget.

Carve Pumpkins

It’s the classic (non-scary) fall activity: carving jack-o-lanterns together! Once you’ve made them, set them out on the porch at night with candles, and if you’re really in the DIY mood, roast the pumpkin seeds and add spices for a crunchy themed snack.

Do A Ghost Tour

Every city has a unique and fascinating history, and often, you can take outdoor walking tours specifically to learn about where you live. For Halloween, see if you can find a spooky ghost tour in your area. It’s a fun way to learn new favorite spots in your city, and also to be spooked by the unknown history that happened all around you.

Get Lost In A Corn Maze

Don’t let corn mazes remind you too much of your childhood — they can be just as fun for adults! Some places even have haunted corn mazes where you have to run from zombies, clowns, or other creepy creatures. Or stick to the classic variety and meander through the maze on your own time.

Have A Campfire And Tell Ghost Stories

If you live somewhere with a lot of outdoor space, enjoy the crisp fall air by having a campfire with your SO and a few friends. Roast marshmallows, drink hot cocoa, and take turns telling ghost stories. You’ll definitely get a laugh out of it, and who knows? You might find out you have a knack for storytelling.

While it’s sometimes fun to stick with the traditional costume party aspect of Halloween, don’t feel limited by it. You can always shake things up with a little creativity! Use the holiday as an excuse to try some date ideas you’ve never done before. Whether they’re scary or comforting, you’ll love the chance to embrace the holiday spirit — and spend some quality time with your boo.