These 10 Celebrities Got Tattoos For Love & My Mind Is Blown

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People say that true love lasts forever — but what happens if you find multiple soulmates within one lifetime? One way to ensure that a piece of their heart will always live on together with yours is to literally and permanently solidify your connection: getting body art to commemorate your time together. At least I'm assuming that's what these celebrities with tattoos for their significant others were thinking, right before taking a seat in the parlor chair and getting inked for life.

Tattoos have always been a somewhat polarizing topic of conversation. Some see the body as a canvas, and tattoos as a deeply personal, artistic expression. Others dislike the idea of making an altercation to your body that can be quite difficult (and expensive) to take back. If somebody chooses to declare their devotion to their partner on their lower back or bicep, it is 100 percent within their right to do so, without judgment. Yes, even if that somebody is Justin Bieber.

Here are 10 celebrities with tattoos that are rooted in romance.

Justin Bieber
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Even though Justin Bieber recently became engaged to model Hailey Baldwin, Us Weekly reports that Justin still has yet to remove his tattoo honoring his ex, singer/actress Selena Gomez. The tattoo, which is located on the pop star's left wrist, depicts Gomez as an angel and will lie right above his wedding ring, should he choose to wear one — talk about awkward!

Pete Davidson
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Shortly after getting engaged to singer Ariana Grande, People reported that Saturday Night Live actor Pete Davidson was showing off a brand spanking new tattoo that Arianators might find familiar: the shape of the bunny ear mask that Grande rocks on the Dangerous Woman album cover. Looks like Grande's found someone who lives as 'dangerously' as she does.

Zayn Malik
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When chart-topper Zayn Malik was engaged to his former fiancé, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards he probably thought that their love, and his inked depiction of her on his upper right forearm, would last forever. Unfortunately, shortly after the pair called it quits, Malik began dating his current on-again-off-again girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid. According to the UK Mirror, Malik has since covered up the design with a separate tattoo.

Chris Zylka
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Despite playing meaty characters on shows like HBO's The Leftovers and CW's The Secret Circle, the actor has recently been making headlines for his IRL starring role as none other than Paris Hilton's fiancé. The Daily Mail reported that a year ago, Zylka got the word "Paris" tattooed on his forearm in the classic Disney font as a declaration of his love. Luckily for Zylka, it looks like the pair are indeed going to get their "happily ever after" — their wedding date has been set for November 11 2018.

Lea Michele
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Three years after the tragic accidental overdose of her boyfriend, actor and Glee co-star Cory Monteith, actress Lea Michele revealed her commemorative tattoo during a nude photoshoot with Self. The tattoo, which says "Finn" — the name of Moneith's character — is a way for Michele to carry a piece of him with her wherever she goes.

Khloé Kardashian
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Shortly after her 2009 wedding, TV personality Khloé Kardashian revealed in a blog post that she and husband, athlete Lamar Odom , had gotten matching tattoos of each other's initials, in the web of their right hands. But in 2015, after the couple parted ways, CeleBuzz reported that Kardashian had been spotted out in Los Angeles with the tattoo removed. A fresh start, indeed!

Katy Perry
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During their short-lived marriage (2010-2011), the pop singer and her comedian ex-husband, Russell Brand, got matching Sanskrit tattoos, which say “Anuugacchati Pravaha,” meaning "go with the flow." The tattoo is particularly significant because Brand proposed to Perry in India, and the two wed there a year later, in a traditional Hindu ceremony.

Kylie Jenner
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In June 2017, after only dating for two months, People reported that Kylie Jenner and musician Travis Scott had gotten matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles. A year later, the two share a child together — their daughter, Stormi.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In April 2017, Beyoncé posted a video to Instagram, as a means of commemorating her ninth wedding anniversary to JAY-Z. The film included never-before-seen footage of the couple in a tattoo parlor, getting matching "IV" tattoos — the Roman numeral for the number "four," which represents the day the two were wed. Months later, Refinery 29 reported that the Beyoncé had slightly altered the tattoo to resemble the Western Arabic numeral for four.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In 2015, Tyga was still in a committed relationship with Kylie Jenner. As a declaration of their love, the rapper got Jenner's first name inked in a large cursive letters on his forearm. Since the long-time couple's split, the reality star and makeup mogul has gone on to date rapper Travis Scott. The two welcomed their first child in February.

Whether you're for or against tattoos and body art, make sure you understand the long-term implications of permanently altering your body before going under the needle. And if you're set on getting a tattoo for your significant other, at least consider a design that can be easily covered up or transformed!

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