10 Cats In Christmas Outfits Who'd Seriously Rather Be Doing Anything Else

Christmas is all about spending time with your family. That includes your pets, too. However getting cats involved in all the holiday festivities can be a real task. Felines get a bad rep as the Scroogiest of animals, but we totally get it. Sometimes, I just want to be left alone, and not thrown into an ugly Christmas sweater. Some cats love a good holiday family photo, and others are just hating life the whole time. Regardless of their holiday spirit, we can't help ourselves from putting our beloved cats in Christmas outfits just to celebrate the holiday season.

Every meow sounds like a "bah humbug," but even the Grinch and Mr. Scrooge learned to love Christmas, so there is always hope. Maybe these 10 cats dressed in their holiday best will realize how great they look, and turn that scowl upside down. You know Santa won't give you any presents if you're grumpy. So kitties, here's a little helpful tip from me to you: Even if you're hating it, fake it 'til Christmas morning when the gifts are already under the tree. Then, you can be as grumpy as you want. I'm really sorry you're being forced to wear that Santa outfit, but it's true, you look absolutely purr-fect and I hope you have a meowy Christmas.

No One Is Getting Out Of Wearing A Holiday Outfit
kimberlyboase on Twitter

Every kitty in this household is being forced to wear a Christmas outfit. No one is safe! It's OK, these cats look like they're already planning their escape route if need be.

No, You Don't Look Stupid In That Hat
joiefulbird on Twitter

The blue really brings out the whiteness of your fur. I know a hat on a cat feels demeaning, but you look great. Heck, I bet your head has never felt so warm before. That's something.

Maybe The Beard's A Little Much
heuristiclineup on Twitter

Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about the beard either. It's less Santa and more Uncle Sam right now. Either way, cat, you look great. You should really think about growing out your fur.

This Santa Is Not So Jolly
mcdemi on Twitter

Santa is more of a happy person who says, "Ho, ho, ho." This cat looks more like she's screaming, "No, no, no." Even is she isn't feeling it, I think the red coat looks fab with her white fur.

All Of The Other Kitties Used To Laugh & Call Him Names
fattyfaulkner on Twitter

I bet the bullying Rudolph used to go through is nothing in comparison to the humiliation this cat must be feeling. This cat is having an identity crisis. Am I a reindeer, or am I a cat?

Don't Worry Kitty, Even Rudolph Got His Redemption
janemccallion on Twitter

This cat has agreed to one picture. He will not smile for the picture, but you will get one picture of him wearing a reindeer outfit. Then, he is done. You got your picture, and now this embarrassing outfit is coming off!

A Santa Reindeer? It's All Too Much
aleciamitch on Twitter

This cat is overwhelmed by everything. He's in a Santa outfit with reindeer antlers on his head sitting next to the Christmas tree. It's just a lot to take in. He needs a little time to process this.

This Cat Has Had Enough Christmas Spirit
b_rom0 on Twitter

Abort mission! This cat is not having it. He's ready to take off this Santa outfit and go full Scrooge on everyone.

This Cat Is Not Feline Festive
catch_frase on Twitter

OK, we'll admit this hat has a lot going on. Though kitty, you pull it off so well. No one else could make such a stupid Christmas hat look so cute. We promise.

A Pretty Christmas Princess
andrealamber on Twitter

Cat, you look fabulous in this Christmas dress. I wouldn't say that if it weren't true. I bet it would look even better if you smiled, but also, feel how you want to feel. I just wanted to let you know that you look great!