12 Cats Dressed Up For A Very Meowy Christmas & A Happy Fur Year

Oh, it's the most wonderful time of the year. I'm talking about the time when we have an excuse to dress up our cats in the most festive Christmas sweaters and Santa hats. I'm pretty sure our fur babies love getting into the holiday spirit just as much as we do, right? There's nothing better than an adorably fluffy cat Christmas picture to get you in the mood for the season. When we're all feline festive, a good Santa claws pic is the purr-fect way to get us singing a meowy Christmas song. This is why I've assembled 12 cats dressed up for Christmas to get those holiday feels flowing.

So many of us love both Christmas and cats, so looking at these Christmas cat pics is like it's already Dec. 25 with a tree full of presents underneath. I personally make it a tradition to dress up my cat in her Christmas sweater best, and take a family holiday photo to share with friends and family. I hope you will do the same with your fur baby this year, because it's the best present anyone can ever receive. Wishing you a very Meowy Christmas and a Happy Fur Year!

Every Cool Cat Needs PJs For Christmas Morning
Megan Telfer on Twitter

The whole family needs PJs for Christmas morning when we race to the tree to see what Santa has left us. Just because a cat comes with a nice fur outfit already doesn't mean they should be left out. I imagine this cat is saying, "Thank you for including me this year with Christmas pajamas. I look totally fabulous."

Kitty, The Wet-Nosed Reindeer
Vanessa Julia Lutz on Twitter

Sorry Rudolph, we found a new reindeer to lead Santa's sleigh this year. I know it's an adjustment to having a pair of antlers, but this cat looks like he's OK with them. Alright, maybe not "OK," but tolerating them.

Winter Is Coming
Vanessa Julia Lutz on Twitter

Baby, it's seriously cold outside, so t's time to break out all the Christmas costumes for your cat. A fashionable faux fur coat is essential for the season. I'm sure this cat just loves the cozy hood, because it goes so well with its actual fur coat.

The Life Of The Christmas Party
Carrot_Pig on Twitter

This cat is definitely taking a quick cat nap in his Santa hat, prepping for a holiday party. Or, he's begging to have this thing removed from his head. Either way, he looks incredible adorable and we support his hat decisions.

Santa And His Elf
Corey Duff on Twitter

Dress up the whole family this year for Christmas. Both of these cats seem so confused as to why they've been dressed up in these costumes, but I know I can't get enough. Look at those little elf ears and that Santa beard. It's too much cuteness for one sitting.

Put Tinsel On Everything

It's time to decorate the entire house with Christmas bows and holly. That means tinsel goes just about anywhere as well. It can even be draped over your kitty like he's the coolest Christmas tree in town.

A Fluffy Stocking Stuffer
Roman Roma on Twitter

If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas for a friend who has been wanting a pet, might I suggest a cat in a hat? I think that would be fitting for the BFF who loves fur babies. Just like Dr. Seuss, this cat in a hat is a classic.

TFW When Your Family Is Cool With The Holiday Family Photo
Kristen Blodgett on Twitter

Look how cute these two are posing for the camera. They're totally getting into the holiday spirit and are game for this family photo. It looks like they're hugging, and all of our hearts are melting just like chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Now This Cat Is Lit
OnlyInBoulder on Twitter

Oh, kitty tree. Oh, kitty tree! How lovely are thy whiskers. I'm obsessed with this cat dressed as a tree. When this kitty wanted to get lit for Christmas, she was not fooling around.

The Sleepiest, Sweetest Little Elf
Neko4Life on Twitter

I get it. The elves have been working hard all year preparing presents for everyone for Christmas. They deserve a little cat nap like this fur baby is taking.

Dance Of The Sugar-Plum Kitties
Nat Smith © on Twitter

You don't have to worry about no Rat King with your cat around. I'm obsessed with the Nutcracker outfit. This kitty richly deserves that little feather in his cap. I can't even.

Dressed Up In Your Christmas Best
Rachel Chapman on Twitter

It's time to break out your matching ugly Christmas sweaters for any holiday parties you may be hosting this year. I always say the more bows, the merrier. And a very Merry, Meowy Christmas to you and your fur baby.