10 Birthday Date Ideas To Celebrate Your Sagittarius Partner's Big Day

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This year has offered up unique challenges and struggles for all the signs in the zodiac, but for Sagittarius, the truest of free spirits, not being able to get out into the world, try new things, and embrace fresh experiences has been torture. With their birthday on the horizon, that struggle is even more apparent. That being the case, having a few birthday date ideas for Sagittarius that will speak to their passion for adventure, but still allow everyone to stay safe, is a great way to celebrate their big day and will make the Sag in your life feel so loved and understood.

While Sag might be the life of every party because their easygoing and optimistic nature makes them fun to be around, their ideal birthday actually isn’t a huge social event — which is great in a year when that would be very risky. Instead, in Sag's heart of hearts, they just want to be able to experience something new. If that also happens to involve getting outside and breathing some fresh air, even better. Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can do with your special birthday Sag to feed their soul while also keeping them safe. With that in mind, here are some really fun ideas for special dates to help ring in Sag’s birthday this year.

A Camping Trip For Two

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One of the best things about camping is that it's innately socially distant. If you want to give your Sag a birthday out in their favorite place, the wilderness, select a location where the two of you can get away into the great wide open, safely apart from others.

A Socially Distant Hike

Sagittarius has a lot of energy, so they love to burn it off with physical activities that allow them to experience something new, which is why a hike is a great way to spend their birthday. Pick a trail with lots of visual beauty. Bonus points for a destination with a unique view that will create a special memory for Sag.

Go For A Picnic With A View

If you’re already going for a hike, don’t forget to pack a special lunch for the two of you. Grab a blanket, some tasty snacks, a birthday cake, and maybe a little wine. Then, pick a private destination where you can enjoy a beautiful view while having a celebratory nosh.

Take An Online Class

Sagittarius is a seeker and a philosopher and they love learning new things. As such, spending a day taking an online course on a subject that interests them, or teaching a new skill, is a great way to celebrate one of their greatest strengths: their innate intellectual curiosity.

Try Out A New Cuisine

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Sagittarius loves to travel because they enjoy learning about new cultures and gaining a larger understanding of the world. While jet-setting isn't advisable for the time being, you can create some of that new experience for them at home. Make their birthday dinner a special one by ordering a new kind of cuisine — or more — to enjoy at home. To add to the atmosphere, make it a theme night with coordinating music and decorations.

Go For A Roadside Art Tour

In regular years, heading to a museum might be a great way for Sagittarius to spend their birthday, but in these times it's best to avoid crowds and indoor spaces. Sure, there are plenty of museum tours available online, but Sag would prefer to get out of the house when they can. This is why hitting the road to visit all the various roadside art pieces scattered around your area hits all the birthday marks. It’s like an outdoor museum and a road trip, all in one. Check out sites like Roadside America or Atlas Obscura to help create your customized roadmap.

Get Deep With A Questions Game

Sagittarius isn't only intrigued by the mysterious without; they're also curious about the mysteries within. So, a night of getting deep and truly exploring inner truths can be just as thrilling and memorable for Sagittarius as a night out on the town — plus, it's social distancing friendly. There are plenty of conversation starter card decks available to guide the discussion, or you can give the 36 questions that lead to love a shot if your gift for them is to take your relationship to the next level.

Go For A Bike Ride

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Like hiking, a bike ride is a great way to burn off some of that Sagittarius energy. Getting that wind in their hair, even when it's brisk outside, just makes Sag feel alive. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to embrace the joy of life?

Have A Backyard Adventure

You don’t have to go far to have an adventure. Sometimes your back yard is the perfect place for a birthday getaway. Fire up the grill and make a special dinner, or build a mini bonfire to roast marshmallows. Then snuggle up to stay warm while doing a little stargazing. Oftentimes, the best way to celebrate a birthday is through the simple pleasure of being with the one you love.

Have A Bedroom Adventure

Hey, Sagittarius is known for being uninhabited and up for experimentation of all kinds, so why not lean in and have a very special, ahem, celebration just for the two of you. Curious to try something new? Or maybe your Sag has brought up something they’d like to try? Sounds like a pretty great way to ring in a birthday.

2020 has meant a lot of sacrifices for everyone in all aspects of life, but the good news is that celebrating Sag’s birthday doesn’t have to be one of them. Maybe it means being a little creative, or incorporating a few small tweaks here and there to make sure it can be done safely, but one thing's for sure: Sagittarius’ birthday is still on this year.

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