10 Magical 'Grey's Anatomy' Moments That Give Us All Hope That Love Isn't Dead

by Tessa Harvey

Oh, Grey's Anatomy. Or, shall I say... oh, Shonda. Grey's is the epic kind of TV show that draws you in without you even knowing it. One moment, you begin streaming the first season, and the next, you truly don't know what day it is, but also, you don't really care. All that matters is Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd, dammit. Welcome to the Grey's Anatomy fandom. The show brings on all the feels — so many, in fact, that watching an episode of the show is like going on a 45-minute roller coaster ride of emotions. The best Grey's Anatomy moments have made us cry and laugh uncontrollably. The show has also made all of us hopeless romantics out there believe in love.

Between all of the drama, breakups, and make-ups, the show has a few really special moments that (besides making us cry into our pillows a bit) sparked a new feeling of "is this what love really looks like?!" And OK, maybe it is a TV show, but it's a really good one, and a girl can dream for a McSteamy or a McDreamy in her life, amiright?

You can't even begin to count the number of breathtakingly romantic moments in all of Grey's, but you can try to appreciate them. In no particular order (because ranking would be much, much more difficult), here are 10 of the most magical Grey's Anatomy moments, especially for the hopeless romantic in us all.

Meredith And Derek's Post-It Wedding
Laura Boelhouwer on YouTube

This list wouldn't be complete without MerDer's Post-it-perfect wedding. It's a moment that every Meredith and Derek moment echoes from here on out, and it's what reminds us of how special their bond is. I can't say I'd be opposed to a Post-it wedding after watching this scene.

When Our #Japril Hearts Were Full
Michelle 1 on YouTube

If this isn't one of your top Grey's moments, you're probably lying to yourself. I always have the same reaction whenever I watch this scene unfold, which includes holding my breath, and somehow shouting, "Do it, Jackson!" #Japril will forever be my favorite Grey's paring, IDEC what anyone else has to say about it.

When Meredith Didn't Doubt Derek

Remember when Meredith thought Derek was cheating on her when another woman answered his phone in D.C.? Derek ended up flying home, and instead, told her how much their family meant to him. He left his long-distance job for the one place on earth where he was truly happiest — home with Meredith and the kids. This is definitely one of the most magical moments of the show, in my opinion. It's what their relationship is all about: sacrifice, love, and loyalty.

The "Pick Me, Choose Me" Scene
Moayad Al-Edan on YouTube

OK, I think we can all agree that this scene is truly iconic. If you know anything about Grey's, you know this quote all too well. Between Meredith finally getting her sh*t together and fighting for Derek, to the drama of it all leading up to it, it's the perfect scene. This is when I knew I would support #MerDer for eternity.

When Teddy Fell Hard For Henry
Carmen Tucci on YouTube

If you don't love Teddy Altman and her adorable relationship with patient-turned-husband Henry, I hate to break it to you, but you may very well have a stone-cold heart. Their love story is an epic one on Grey's, and plus, Henry made us all swoon.

Lexie's Grand Gesture For Mark
merderTV on YouTube

This scene makes me want to cry buckets of tears, because we all know Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan were always meant to be together. She was McSteamy's one true love, and in the next episode (spoiler alert), they died in a horrible, heartbreaking plane crash. Stop playing with my emotions, Shonda Rhimes!

The Start Of Ben And Bailey's Relationship
kaede179 on YouTube

Ben and Bailey, aka, #CoupleGoals, are what make this show undeniably amazing. I love everything about this scene, from the way Bailey tried to deny her feelings for Ben, to his smooth charm. If anything happens to Ben and Bailey, I'll have some choice words.

Cristina And Owen's Vent Scene(s)
welovecrowen on YouTube

Cristina and Owen's time as a couple is a Grey's Anatomy staple, marked most prominently by their on-call room and vent scenes. Though both of them had their own struggles they worked through, they pushed to be enough for one another. Cristina and Owen together will always be in my heart forever, y'all.

Izzie And Denny's First Kiss
hermione624 on YouTube

If you want to make an OG Grey's fan cry, just show them literally any Denny and Izzie scene. There will be a waterfall of tears within seconds. TBH, I'm holding them back as I type. Now, press the play button, and enjoy Denny and Izzie's beautiful first kiss.

Meredith And Derek's Candle House
alyssakatemusic on YouTube

I love this scene for so many reasons. It's undeniably Derek and Meredith in a nutshell. She's screaming at him, but it's out of love. He's tolerating it with a smile on his face. And lastly, there's the complete and utter romance of it all — the candles, the love, and the glowing memory.