Two friends glamping in the backyard hold wine glasses and laugh.
These Backyard Glamping Ideas Will (Pumpkin) Spice Up Your Insta Reels This Fall

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There's no need to go camping when you could be glamping in your own backyard. Upgrade your outdoor setup so that you're sleeping under the stars in the most Instagram-worthy way. All it takes are a few backyard glamping ideas for adults to change the game. This is perfect for anyone who's in the mood for a new adventure where you won't have to give up the comforts of staying home.

Whether you're looking for something different to do with your housemates, getting romantic with your partner, or simply having a solo retreat, there are at least 10 ways to upgrade your backyard glamping setup to make your situation extra #adult. Instead of a sleeping bag, set up a plush air mattress with throw pillows and an incredibly cozy weighted blanket. Trade in the flashlights for twinkly fairy lights. You can even upgrade your camping snacks with your fave bottle of wine (if you're 21 or up) and a tasty charcuterie board.

It's all about class and comfort, so after setting up your tent, have fun decorating your campground (or shall I say glampground) to the max. Make it so Insta-worthy that your friends will want to recreate it in their own backyards.

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A Cute Cooler Will Keep Your Snacks And Refreshments Cozy

Once you've settled into your glamping space, celebrate with an assortment of snacks and refreshments. This Yeti cooler is big enough to fit some bottles of wine, your favorite cheeses, and fresh fruit for a fancy outdoor charcuterie board. It's lightweight, comes in this cute sagebrush green color, and screams Insta-worthy.

Trendy Bottles Of Wine Are #Necessary

Your glamping experience and the Instas that come with it call for wine that comes in a uniquely-shaped bottle. This Mixed Pack via Usual Wines is here to make that happen. It's perfect for a roomie retreat in the backyard, as it comes with a red, rosé, and brut variety of bottles to choose from.

These Throw Pillows Will Add A Pop Of Color To Your Setup

Add throw pillows to your bed setup for extra coziness and color so they pop on the 'gram. Karen Jai Home has an entire collection of throw pillows you'll be obsessed with. (Warning: Once you add one to your cart, it'll be difficult to stop shopping.)

This Charcuterie Board Should Definitely Receive An Invite

Instead of grabbing granola bars and trail mix, you may want to enjoy fine wine and cheeses. Get yourself a gorgeous board to display your different cheeses and spreads, like this teakwood one.

Set up a little table with a vase of wildflowers and decorative lantern. Once you have everything organized, take a few snaps for your foodie friends to swoon over on the 'gram.

This Fuzzy Weighted Blanket Will Keep You Warm And Comfy

A weighted blanket will keep you warm on crisp fall nights with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand. Since this blanket has faux fur, it'll be extra soft whenever you want to snuggle up close to your person in the backyard. It comes in two gorgeous colors — honey brown and wolf grey — to match whatever color scheme you've got going on.

This Outdoor Rug Is Photoshoot-Ready

Another simple way to add style and personality to your glampground is by laying out a whimsical outdoor rug. Make sure it has a fun pattern that matches the aesthetic you're going for. You can set up your wine tasting picnic on it or use it for stargazing.

These Wine Tumblers Will Upgrade Your Sippin' Selfies

BrüMate sells fun, sparkly tumblers that are perfect for outdoor hangouts, because they come with lids to keep your drinks fresh. They even have some margarita and martini tumblers to really get you into the spirit of the occasion.

This Macrame Hammock Will Come In Handy For Relaxing

The key to glamping is keeping the vibe cozy and luxe, and a pretty hammock like this one gets that job done. It comes with tassels on the side for a very boho-chic look. By day, relax on it with a juicy romance novel, and by night, set up a projector for a movie night from the hammock with your SO.

These Retro-Looking Bluetooth Speakers Are Perfect For Dancing

Add a soundtrack to your glamping trip by bringing along bluetooth speakers to play your favorite tunes. Fill your playlist with songs that'll make you want to dance around in the garden, like Taylor Swift's "cardigan." These Muzen speakers come in a variety of colors like lavender, rose gold, and sky blue.

These White Lotus String Lights Will Light Up Your Site

You can never have too many twinkly lights, but don't just add any string lights. Hang up unique ones such as these lotus flower fairy lights. They'll add to the cottagecore aesthetic you're shooting for, and keep your glamping ground lit all night long.