Baby Yoda stands on the bed of a speed racer, staring cutely onto the screen.

The Cuteness Is Strong With These Baby Yoda Mugs & You'll Want One ASAP


Just like Baby Yoda, you can't resist a cozy cup of soup or tea. Grogu's little head tilts, adorable robe, and playful demeanor have captured everyone's hearts, and you can't bring yourself to say goodbye to Season 2 of The Mandalorian quite yet. So, as you re-watch your favorite episodes, why not sip your hot cocoa out of one of these Baby Yoda mugs to keep the cuteness going strong?

There are still so many more hot chocolate bombs left to sip as the cold weather continues. And a perfectly sweet way to beat the chill is by preparing one in any of these Baby Yoda mugs so your cup will warm your heart just as much as your tummy.

Seriously, you won't be able to stop swooning over your new Grogu cup. You'll feel just as precious as Baby Yoda when you raise your Grogu-shaped mug. Or, you might be eager to snap a photo of yourself gazing down at your mug to give all your Instagram followers heart eyes, too. You and your watch buddy will definitely LOL over the "protect and attack" meme mug that features Grogu drawings.

It's a tough decision because they're all so adorable. But, whichever Baby Yoda mug or mugs you opt for, your cute cup will turn your warm drink into an Insta-worthy treat.

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This Baby Yoda-Shaped Mug Is Cute AF

You can finally cradle Grogu in the palm of your hands with this ceramic mug that's in the shape of The Child's head. Complete with his pointed ears, this mug is almost too cute to sip from. (Baby Yoda's ears are on point, pardon the pun.)

This Baby Yoda Mug Comes In A Set

Baby Yoda will never have to worry about being alone again, because this ceramic set comes with both a Grogu and Mandalorian cup. You and your partner can marathon the series while sipping from coordinating cups, because you, like the pair, are a dynamic duo.

This Baby Yoda Mug Is Meme-tastic

One of the best parts about Baby Yoda's debut is all the memes that followed. You'll chuckle to yourself every time you reach for this Grogu meme mug that says, "Protect. Attack. Take naps."

This Baby Yoda Mug Will Have You Spilling All The Tea

The next time you and your besties gather for a FaceTime to catch up, you'll want to have your Baby Yoda mug on hand. This coffee cup is perfect for sipping and spilling the tea with your main crew during late-night chats.

This Baby Yoda And Groot Mug Is Double The Fun

Grab a couple of these Baby Yoda and Groot mugs for you and your bestie. As you sip from your matching cups, the totally adorable faces of these two characters will remind you of your own friendship. You can even snap a photo together with your matching mugs for the 'gram with a witty caption like, "Besties are never far, far away."

This Baby Yoda Coffee Cup Has A Starbucks Look To It

Galaxies collide with this Baby Yoda mug that combines your love of Starbucks and your passion for Star Wars. When you have your next cup of joe in this decked-out Grogu cup, your housemates will be impressed with the fact that even Baby Yoda must be keen on Starbucks.

This Baby Yoda Mug Is Pure Magic

Who doesn't love a good surprise? The matte black on this mug actually turns into Baby Yoda. Pour something hot inside and watch the baby appear as if by magic. Your roommates might even think you're the one with the force.

This Sculpted Baby Yoda Mug Is Not To Be Frog-otten

The world LOL-ed over Baby Yoda eating everything in his reach, like the Frog lady's eggs and the random frogs he found lying around. This sculpted ceramic mug continues all the chuckles with the miniature frog in Grogu's hands and will sweeten your spirits with each sip.

This Mando Baby Yoda Mug Creates A Cute Pattern

Get your hot cocoa ready, because once you see the Baby Yodas on this mug, you won't want to put it down. The green and cream ceramic cup is patterned with the Mandalorian's and Grogu's faces, creating a totally whimsical sip.

This Baby Yoda Mug Is Customizable

Not only is this Baby Yoda mug pun-tastic with its "Yoda Best" inscription, but it can also be personalized. Remind someone special in your life that they are out of this galaxy by sending them a customized Grogu mug with their name on it. They'll be so touched that you knew "the way" to their heart.