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10 Airbnbs You'll Want To Book If You're Obsessed With 'Love Island'

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Welcome back to your version of paradise, Love Island fans — complete with drama, couples who are competing for epic relationships and cash, and palm trees that brighten up your television screen. Ah, the couch is truly one magical place to be when your favorite reality show is back for another season of voting, games, and glimpses into tropical places. But these Airbnbs in Cape Town are even more magical, and will let fans like you explore the latest destination for the Islanders.

In past seasons and versions of Love Island, the Islanders have set their sights on Mallorca (Majorca) and Fiji. They've packed their carry-on bags, grabbed their passports, and been whisked away to colorful villas with incredible pools and stunning #views. On the other side of the world, you were all snuggled up in a pair of sweatpants, eating popcorn, and spilling the tea with your roommates who are also obsessed with the show. It's time you took your love for the show to the next level and explored paradise, too.

Granted, these 10 Airbnbs in Cape Town don't come with a camera crew or even a gigantic check at the end of your stay. But they will absolutely immerse you in the Love Island world where anything is possible. Check them out and book yourself a stay before the season is over.

This Charming Studio Is Steps From The Beach

First up is this charming studio in Cape Town that's steps away from the beach. With its stone and palm tree-covered exterior and sunny terrace, it promises to steal a piece of your heart. If you book this stay, be sure to leave time for wandering to the ocean and watching a few sunsets.

This Colorful Apartment Is Made For A Romantic Getaway

The villas on Love Island are always extremely colorful, so booking this apartment that's every shade of the rainbow is a no-brainer for any hardcore fan of the reality television show. It has a bright blue wall in the living room and plenty of space to enjoy Cape Town's skyline. Bring your SO along on the adventure for a particularly romantic and electric getaway.

This Luxe Apartment Is Camera-Ready

There might not be any film crew included in your reservation, but this luxe apartment in Cape Town is always camera-ready. It has a perfectly peachy wall in the living room, a chic dining room, and a private terrace where you can sip some rosé and pretend you're an Islander.

This Beautiful Villa Is All About The #Views

The #views in paradise are always epic, but this beautiful villa takes them to the next level and gives your entire Love Island-loving crew a place to chill for a week. It sleeps up to six guests and has a Pinterest-worthy kitchen you'll love sipping coffee in in the morning. Don't sleep on it or the experiences you could have in this destination.

This Chic Loft Will Whisk You Off Your Feet

When it comes to love and relationships, some of us want to be whisked off our feet. This chic loft might as well be called Prince/Princess Charming, because it'll certainly give you all the heart eyes. From the moment you walk in and spot the chandelier or hanging plants, you'll want to cancel your flight home. Do you think that's how the Islanders feel about the villa, too?

This Penthouse Is In The Heart Of The City

Nothing will make your Love Island-inspired vacay feel as complete as this Cape Town penthouse that's located in the heart of the city. It'll let you explore all the greatest sights — from the cafés to the Bo Kaap neighborhood. Plus, it has a tiny pool on the roof that'll be perfect for your date nights.

This Cozy Apartment Has The Perfect Atmosphere

Atmosphere is everything when you're falling in love. It's what makes certain moments feel movie-like. This cozy apartment knows that, and will make you and bae feel at home while you're on a Love Island-esque getaway. Do yourself a favor and sleep in to get really refreshed and relaxed here.

This Eco-Friendly Home Is Naturally Made For Lovers

Do you know what's likely trending as much as Love Island right now? Sustainable travel. You want to see the world, but also treat it in the right way. This eco-friendly house in Cape Town lets you and your SO do both, and enjoy the city from the comfort of a natural haven. Make sure to check out the views from the roof, OK?

This Stunning Villa Has An Infinity Pool

Some love stories (and pools) are meant to last forever. This stunning villa will remind you of that, as its views and good vibes stretch for miles. If you book a night or two here, you'll likely find yourself hanging in the hot tub or snuggling up in front of the fireplace. Um, yes please!

This Loft Is The Place For Artsy Content

Last but not least is this artsy loft that's anything but boring and mundane. In fact, it's the complete opposite with its huge paintings and whimsical kitchen. Book it to feel like an Islander who just entered the magical world of reality television. Then, when the time comes, hop on a plane and stream your favorite episodes of Love Island until you reach Cape Town.

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