14-Year-Old Has Amazing Responses To People Who Don't Use Condoms

by Gillian Fuller

Having unprotected sex and expecting no repercussions is like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and assuming you won't get cancer: It's stupid.

Fortunately, most of us know this. But sometimes, people (and by people, I mean guys) try to convince us otherwise because "condoms are uncomfortable." And when we say, "Anal is uncomfortable," we're just being prissy... WHATEVER.

Anyway, if you ever need to defend yourself against someone who tries to convince you to f*ck without a condom, you have two choices:

Don't sleep with them.

Or, you can take a cue from this 14-year-old girl who came up with the most badass responses to those stupid “I don't want to wear a condom” complaints.

I mean, “I don't have my vagina with me?" Perfect.

Unfortunately, this chick's teachers did not think her answers were sheer genius and the teen was ultimately suspended (probably because of her use of the f-bomb, but I say, "f*ck that").

Let this sassy teen be your sexual spirit guide, at least in regards to all things protection.

Your disease-free and baby-free uterus will thank you.

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