Protester Goes Off On Geraldo Rivera For 'False Coverage' Of Baltimore (Video)

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera was in Baltimore last night reporting from the scene of a massive protest.

The city's 10 pm curfew had just passed, but over 100 people continued to flood the streets as police officers stood nearby, according to The New York Daily News.

Rivera was interviewing a Maryland senator when several protestors began shouting over him, saying that he should leave.

He told one young man, who jumped in front of the camera,

You're making a fool of yourself!

That same man was able to have a few words with Rivera, who referred to the protestors as "vandals."

He explains what the media has deliberately ignored in its Baltimore coverage in addition to the effect the conservative network's reporting is having on public perception.

About two more hours went by before the protestors retreated.

Tear gas and pepper balls made a brief appearance, but there were no reports of anybody being seriously hurt.

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