Here's All The Proof You Need The Dress Is Definitely Black And Blue (Photo)

Ladies and gentlemen, the mystery of the dress has finally been solved.

The proof comes to us via Lindsay Maden, a guest at the wedding in which the dress in question appeared.

As you'll see below, Celica Bleasdale (the mother of the bride at Grace and Kier Johnston's wedding) is wearing the black-and-blue dress.  (The brand, Roman Originals, confirms the authenticity of the photo.)

The now-infamous image originated from Bleasdale herself -- she'd taken a photo of the dress to show her daughter what she was planning to wear to the wedding.

Disagreeing on the colors, the bride and groom shared the photo among friends to resolve the argument.

One friend posted the image to Tumblr, and thus, the Internet-wide controversy began.

And that is the story of the blue-and-black dress.

The end.

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