Everyone Go Home: Woman Who Saw The Dress Says It's Black And Blue

If you were anywhere near a computer, smartphone or tablet last night, you know about #TheDress.

But the fight's over because 21-year-old Caitlin McNeill – poster of the original dress – confirmed it's actually blue and black.

The debate began when McNeill uploaded an image of a mother-of-the-bride dress to Tumblr on Thursday, asking her followers what color it appeared.

A heated social media debate began, because some saw the dress as gold and white, while others insisted it was blue and black.

It turns out even the bride, a friend of McNeill's, couldn't tell what color her dress was, posting the photo to her Facebook in an effort to poll friends.

Because your color perception changes according to background color, the dress appears to change colors in front of your very eyes, based on where you saw the image.

I spent 30 minutes explaining my rationale for why the dress was white and gold, only to scroll back up to the photo and find it was suddenly blue and black.

The dress fight turned brother against brother and had Twitter users reconsidering friendships.

The Colonsay, Scotland woman confirmed the color to BuzzFeed, saying,

We all saw the dress in all its glory and realized it was of course blue and black.

McNeill posted the dress to Tumblr, asking about its color.

Social media users lost their minds in an attempt to figure it out.

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McNeill posted a second photo of the Roman Originals dress, confirming that it was very blue indeed.

Leaving us all like this:

basically me rn #TheDress — paola (@thornevibes) February 27, 2015