Oops! Guy Gets In Car Accident And 17 Girlfriends Show Up At Hospital

Part of my job requires me to spend more time on the Internet than any well-adjusted human should, and during my time online I've noticed a number of patterns concerning content from countries around the world.

Russia has cornered the market on dashcam videos and Japan is the worldwide leader in fetishes you didn't know existed, but it's hard to top China's weird relationship with relationships when it comes to the most consistently entertaining stories.

In the past few months, we've seen naked cheaters stranded in a parking lot and a guy who tried to drown himself after laying eyes on his ugly bride, and this latest supplement to my confirmation bias makes me wonder what's in the water over there (besides suicidal grooms).

The BBC reports that a man from Changsha found himself in a bit of an awkward situation after his girlfriends showed up to the hospital following a car crash in March -- all 17 of them.

It would appear that the unidentified man had been balancing a number of relationships to satisfy his needs (both financial and otherwise), including one that had lasted for more than nine years before the facade came tumbling down.

It would have been a great plan if it hadn't been so terrible.