Man Left Outside Naked With Wife's Twin Sister After Caught Cheating (Photos)

by Connor Toole

The Internet loves stories about people getting revenge on a cheating ex, which is enough to make me doubt the authenticity of this story from the very start.

With that being said, if things actually played out the way Metro says they did, we're looking at what may just be the most impressive revenge story of the year just weeks before the final deadline.

After a 29-year-old Chinese woman named Ting Su allegedly discovered that her husband was cheating on her with her twin sister, she tracked down the duo at a local shopping center after using one or both of their phones to pinpoint their whereabouts.

Once she arrived, she found the duo naked inside a parked car, which is not typically a situation you can explain your way out of.

When the cheaters got out of the car (likely to try and explain things anyway) Ting got in and drove away.

Onlookers captured the ensuing scene, which featured the duo stranded in the middle of a parking lot without any clothes on.

I'm still not sure why they thought being totally nude in a parking lot was the best way to have their affair, but sometimes passion overrides reason.

I certainly feel bad for Ting if this story is indeed true, but she should take some comfort in knowing she got some of the best payback I've ever seen.

You can hide your face, but you can't hide the shame.

He's out of luck unless there's a key hidden somewhere. I really hope there isn't.


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