The White House's tweets about who got their loans forgiven are excellent.

Please Enjoy This Shady White House Twitter Thread About Who Got Loans Forgiven

The intern running White House Twitter is out for blood.


The White House has receipts, a lot of them. On Aug. 25, The White House Twitter account fired back at Republican members of Congress who criticized President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan in the most fiery way. The typically nonchalant White House Twitter surprised everyone by dragging GOP lawmakers in a thread revealing the six and seven-figure Paycheck Protection Program loans they were relieved of, pointing out the hypocrisy of their opposition to Biden’s plan. The PPP was a lockdown-driven loan, started in March 2020 and ended in May 2021, given to businesses to keep their workforce employed. Although their loans were forgiven, the White House was not so forgiving in these tweets.

After Biden announced his new plan to forgive several student loans on Aug. 24, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene vehemently opposed the plan in an interview on Newsmax. “Taxpayers all over the country … they shouldn’t have to pay off the great big student loan debt for some college student that piled up massive debt going to some Ivy League school, that’s not fair,” Greene said. But as the White House Twitter account pointed out, she had $183,504 in PPP loans forgiven, so her opposition to student loan forgiveness comes off as hypocritical. Also on the chopping board was Rep. Vern Buchanan who called Biden’s plan a “reckless, unilateral student loan giveaway” on Twitter, but had over $2.3 million in PPP loans forgiven. Big yikes.

Y’all, don’t get on the bad side of the White House, because they will come for you. Congressmen Markwayne Mullin, Kevin Hern, Mike Kelly, and Matt Gaetz faced the same smackdown as the Twitter thread continued.

Move over Kardashians, you’re not the only ones who can start a Twitter feud. The very public humbling of the Republican Congress members basically told them to sit back down. Even Biden clapped back, calling out Republicans that voted for former President Donald Trump’s nearly $2 trillion deficit-financed tax cut that benefited the wealthy and corporations.

The GOP can complain all they want, but the Biden Administration’s student debt relief plan is happening, whether they like it or not. Borrowers who earn less than $125,000 a year are eligible for up to $10,000 in debt forgiveness, and Pell Grant recipients are eligible for up to $20,000. If you’re a borrower, here’s how to get your student debt canceled. If you needed something to smile about today other than the White House’s brutal burns, these reactions from people after hearing their student loans will be forgiven will make you full of hope.