Here's where to buy the Little Debbie Ice Cream collection once it hits the freezer aisle.

This Little Debbie Ice Cream Collection Transforms 7 Of Your Fave Snacks

Skip the boxes and grab the pints.

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Courtesy Of Little Debbie/Hudsonville Ice Cream

If you miss the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes ice cream, you’re going to want to know all about the latest creamy bites from Little Debbie. In collaboration with Hudsonville Ice Cream, the snack brand is launching not one but seven ice cream flavors, and they’re all inspired by your fave bites, including cakes, buns, and bars. Considering its last ice cream launch was a major hit, it’s easy to get hype about the latest dessert options from the brand. To find your fave flavor, you’ll want to know where to buy the new Little Debbie Ice Cream Collection once they hit the freezer aisle.

Hudsonville Ice Cream and Little Debbie announced its Little Debbie Ice Cream flavors are hitting stores soon, and you’ll want to try all seven bites. Featuring seven flavor options, including iconic snack cakes like Strawberry Shortcake Rolls, Oatmeal Creme Pies, Zebra Cakes, Cosmic Brownies, Honey Buns, Nutty Bars, and Swiss Rolls, you won’t want to wait too long to add some of the sweets to your cart. As for where you’ll be able to buy them, all seven flavors of the Little Debbie Ice Cream Collection will be available at Walmart stores nationwide for $2.50 per pint starting on Feb. 1.

The flavors will feature familiar combos you know and love, all inspired by the lineup of Little Debbie’s snack cakes. First is the Oatmeal Creme Pies ice cream, which includes a vanilla creme ice cream base with a touch of molasses and oatmeal cookie pieces mixed in. If you love munching on Cosmic Brownies, the ice cream version won’t disappoint with its brownie batter ice cream, miniature rainbow chips, and brownie pieces.

Courtesy Of Little Debbie/Hudsonville Ice Cream

Meanwhile, the Honey Buns iteration features a honey-bun-flavored ice cream base filled with a cinnamon swirl and bits of glazed honey bun pieces.

Also in the lineup is the Strawberry Shortcake Rolls ice cream, which includes a white-cake-flavored ice cream base, a tart strawberry swirl, and pieces of yellow cake.

Courtesy Of Little Debbie/Hudsonville Ice Cream

If Swiss Rolls are more your game, the ice cream version features a chocolate cake-inspired ice cream flavor, and it’s full of chocolate cake pieces, plus a swirl of whipped cream, just like the snack rolls.

When you bite into the Zebra Cakes ice cream, you’ll get a mix of white cake ice cream flavor, a milk chocolate fudge swirl, and yellow cake pieces throughout. And last but not least, the Nutty Bars ice cream flavor contains peanut butter ice cream, chocolatey waffle cone pieces, and a generous fudge swirl.

With so many flavors, you’ll want to buy them all, but you won’t need to rush to your local Walmart the day of the launch (unless you want to). The Little Debbie Ice Cream Collection will be available to buy year-round, so you won’t have to worry about the bites selling out. According to a Hudsonville Ice Cream spokesperson, Hudsonville and Little Debby brands are focusing on a successful launch of the ice creams at Walmart, though the companies will likely expand the collection’s availability to other stores in the future.

Before you go to Walmart to grab the Little Debbie Ice Cream Collection, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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