Here's where you can buy Brach's Funfetti Candy Canes for the holidays 2021.

Funfetti Candy Canes Now Exist, And They Have The Iconic Rainbow Sprinkles

Have your cake and eat your candy cane, too.

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There’s a new candy cane flavor that just might confuse your taste buds this holiday season. Your go-to birthday cake flavor will be hanging from your stocking, once you know where to buy Brach’s new Funfetti Candy Canes. The iconic sprinkle-dotted cake flavor will can now be your go-to snacking candy at every holiday gathering. Get ready to ditch the OG red-and-white stripes for something a lot more fun, literally.

Ferrara announced its holiday 2021 candy cane lineup on Wednesday, Nov. 10, revealing the newest addition. According to Ferrara, the Chicago-based brand was inspired to create the sprinkle-laden candy canes due to fans’ outpouring of adoration (in the form of 11,000 tweets) for the birthday cake flavor. With that, the candy canes feature the fan-favorite birthday cake flavor of Pillsbury’s beloved Funfetti frosting and cake mixes and real rainbow sprinkles.

If you want to get all the birthday cake flavor without the mess, check for the Funfetti Candy Canes at your local grocery store or chains like Target and Walmart. You can get a 12-count pack of the festive Funfetti Candy Canes for $2.99 through December 2021.

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For those who like classic holiday flavors, you can also try the brand’s new Wintergreen Candy Cane flavor. Swapping in wintergreen mint for the traditional peppermint, you’ll get the sweet chill of the snack at first lick. A 12-count pack of the Wintergreen Candy Canes costs $1.99.

Returning sweet treats include the traditional Peppermint Candy Canes and Cherry Rainbow Candy Canes for $1.99 per 12-count pack as well as SweeTARTS Candy Canes, which sell for $2.99 for a 12-count pack.

From newbies like Funfetti to OGs (looking at you, Peppermint), Brach’s has you covered in the candy cane department this holiday season. When you head out to shop for all the sweet treats, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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