Wendy's new Ghost Pepper Ranch will be available starting on July 12.

Wendy’s Is Launching A Ghost Pepper Ranch To Spice Up Your Order

Your nuggets might turn into actual flames.

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Courtesy of Wendy's

Wendy’s is turning up the heat on a classic dipping sauce. Get ready to take your tastebuds to their breaking point (in a good way), because Wendy's new Ghost Pepper Ranch sauce is coming to add some major spice to the creamy dip you know and love. Whether or not you push your limits by adding it to some Spicy Chicken Nuggets is up to you, but spice lovers have a fire new go-to condiment to grab during their next Wendy’s run.

Starting on Monday, July 12, you can head to any U.S. Wendy’s location to add the chain’s new Ghost Pepper Ranch to your favorite menu items for free (just ask a Wendy’s employee for a packet of the stuff), according to a Wendy’s spokesperson. There’s no denying the delicious combination of creaminess with heat is a fan-favorite (spicy mayo, anyone?), and Wendy’s aims to take that classic pairing one step further by dressing up your go-to ranch sauce.

In addition to the creamy and rich buttermilk you get from the popular condiment, you can expect to set your tongue on fire with notes of ghost pepper — a red chili that’s gained a reputation as one of the spiciest peppers out there. While ghost peppers boast tear-inducing heat levels by themselves, you can expect that to be tempered by the creamy buttermilk of the ranch for a sauce that adds just the right amount of kick to whatever you’re eating.

Eryn Bennett, Manager of Culinary & Product Innovation at Wendy’s, said during a June 24 media preview that she would rate the Spicy Chicken Nuggets a 7 on a spice scale from 1 through 10, and when adding the Ghost Pepper Ranch, that would bring it up to an 8. If you choose to pair it with Wendy’s Spicy Nuggets, the chain promises a “fiery sauce that’s sure to set your tastebuds ablaze,” per a Wendy’s spokesperson. However, you can also pair it with a less spice-forward offering to add just a hint of heat.

Courtesy of Wendy's

As for how long the Ghost Pepper Ranch will be available, it all depends on how well people respond to it. At launch, there is no set end date for the offering. If you decide try it for yourself, swing by a Wendy’s location starting on July 12 and make sure to request it along with your order. As always when picking up food in-store, make sure to follow the CDC guidelines for the most updated rules on social distancing and mask-wearing.

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