This Video Of Sexist Comments Made On Air To FOX News Anchor Will Enrage You

by Candice Jalili

Former Fox News anchor, Gretchen Carlson, recently filed a lawsuit against the company's CEO, Roger Ailes, for claims of sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

In the claim, Carlson cites the "ongoing discriminatory treatment" she received from male co-workers throughout her 11 years at Fox News.

Part of that discriminatory treatment, she has explained in the claim, was specifically propelled by her co-host, Steve Doocy, for "generally attempting to put her in her place by refusing to accept and treat her as an intelligent and insightful female journalist rather than a blonde female prop."

But it turns out Doocy wasn't the only person demeaning her around the studios.

In case you were thinking Carlson was just being a “crazy, vindictive bitch" (as Ailes reportedly called her many times) after being terminated, take a look at this video made by Bloomberg Politics and see all of the times she was discriminated against ON AIR by her many male co-hosts on "Fox and Friends."

If you don't have one minute and 58 seconds to spare right now, let me give you a little summary of the video.

According to her male co-workers, Gretchen Carlson is "beautiful," Gretchen Carlson is "hot," Gretchen Carlson is "gorgeous," Gretchen Carlson is a "skirt," Gretchen Carlson knows everything there is to know about bras and bikini waxes and Gretchen Carlson should ride a mechanical bull with a skirt on.

In case you still weren't convinced that these comments were sexist enough, let me give you a direct quote from Carlson's co-host, Brian Kilmeade, a self-proclaimed sexist (no, seriously... he literally calls himself a sexist). In one of the clips, Kilmeade literally says, "when it comes to bra stories, defer to the babe." The "babe" obviously being Carlson.

*cue your most visceral gag*

I'm not making this stuff up. Just watch this video mashup here and cringe quietly at your desk while Gretchen awkwardly laughs off their wildly inappropriate comments.

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