The Victim In The UCLA Shooting Was A Little League Coach And Father Of Two

William Klug was identified as the victim of the shooting at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Klug was killed in an apparent murder-suicide on Wednesday in an engineering building on campus at UCLA. The shooter was a former engineering doctoral student.

Klug was a mechanical and aerospace engineering professor at UCLA.

The Lt. Governor of California Gavin Newsom tweeted "#WeSpeakYourName" about Klug.

Klug was the father of two children and coached a Little League team for several years, known as "Coach."

Renjie Li, a former student of Klug's, told NBC,

He was always there for us. I just really appreciate him being that type of person there when I'm in trouble doing my project or having trouble figuring out a problem... He's definitely one of my favorite professors here at UCLA.

Klug went to Westmont College before getting his masters at UCLA and his PhD at California Institute of Technology. He led the Klug Research Group, studying mechanics and biology.

The UCLA shooter had Klug as an adviser for his dissertation, according to CNN, and he was part of Klug's research group at UCLA.

The shooter had a "kill list" at his house, which included Klug and another woman, who was found dead.

UCLA student body president Michael Skiles wrote on Facebook Klug was "not only a proud alum and brilliant educator but also a man determined to serve our students, our university and our world."

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