These Two Women Aren't Related, But They Look Just Like Identical Twins

No, you're not seeing double. These women just actually look that similar.

Ambra and Jennifer, of North Carolina and Texas respectively, are the latest pair to be united via “Twin Strangers,” a project aiming to unite lookalike strangers from all over the world.

The project initially made headlines when cofounder Niamh Geaney met her first twin stranger. Dozens of lookalike pairs were brought together since then, including a second twin stranger for Geaney.

Though countless doppelgängers have been identified, Ambra, 23, and Jennifer, 33, are one of the few sets to make national news. Their similarities are astounding; even Jennifer's mother was taken aback when she met Ambra.

Ambra recently traveled to Spring, Texas to meet her lookalike and documented the entire crazy experience for the Twin Strangers website.

Take a look at the video above and visit Twin Strangers for more.

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