If You Tweet This Emoji, Twitter Might Show You Some NSFW Ads

Twitter has a brand-new feature that will allow businesses to track your emoji usage.

For years, brands have already been focusing on certain keywords you use to target their campaigns.

Say, for example, you once used the word “protein,” then a company that makes Muscle Milk-like mouth poison could decide to have its promoted ad pop up in your feed -- or, in my case, I made a lot of jokes about my penis a few years ago and got a lot of new robotic sex-bots as followers.

But now, Twitter is including emojis in that feature.

As Neil Shah, Twitter's API product manager reportedly explained,

This new feature uses emoji activity as a signal of a person's mood or mindset.

Because, officially, according to advertisers, emojis are now a form of speech.

So, like, if you tweet out a picture of your baby and use a baby bottle emoji, an advertiser can pay for its diaper company's tweet to appear on your timeline.

Unfortunately, and I do not think I'm wrong about this, then comes the eggplant: the universal, international symbol for “penis.”

If I was a penis enlargement company, a condom company, a cam-girl, a get-a-mobile-dick-transplant-in-an-RV company, I would be targeting YOU eggplant-emoji tweeters big time.

So, word to the wise, be more careful about how you're slinging your eggplants out there on Twitter.

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