TikTok's Halloween 2021 effects include a Ghostface Text-to-Speech feature.

TikTok's Creepy Halloween Effects Include A Ghostface Text-To-Speech Option

Try the Ecto Pumpkin effect for super scary vids.

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It’s time to enjoy all the spooky season activities, and that includes virtual ones. As you’re counting down the days to Halloween, TikTok is here to help you get in on the fun with creepy features that’ll spook up your videos. You won’t want to miss the social media app’s scary-good selections. Here are all the details about TikTok’s Halloween 2021 effects, including a Text-to-Speech Ghostface option and #HorrorTok.

TikTok unveiled a variety of Halloween effects for 2021, and they include nods to classic scary movies and your worst nightmares. The app’s Creative Effects section features so many choices, with new options like a Scream-inspired Text-to-Speech Ghostface Effect and a Paranormal Cam Effect all in honor of the holiday. You can find the new effects under the “Halloween” tab in TikTok’s Effects section. You can also browse other TikTokers’ Halloween videos by searching the hashtag #HorrorTok.

Before you get started creating your own masterpieces, here are all of TikTok’s Halloween 2021 effects you’ll want to try out this Halloween.

Text-To-Speech Ghostface

In honor of the upcoming Scream movie, TikTok introduced a new Text-to-Speech option with the iconic voice of Ghostface. TikTok announced the new effect option in a video with David Arquette, who played Dewey Riley in the 1996 original flick.

To use the creepy feature, first, film your video. Next, add text to your video. Finally, tap on the text, select the “Text-to-Speech” effect and then choose the “Scream” option, which should be the first one in the list. You can preview the sound before you apply it, and once you’re ready, all that’s left to do is post your TikTok.


If you’re posting a scary video, make sure you include the hashtag #HorrorTok, which has over 8 billion views as of Oct. 26. HorrorTok is where you’ll find plenty of scare-spiration for your own videos and watch some of the Halloween Creative Effects in action.

Ecto Pumpkin Effect

The Ecto Pumpkin Effect transforms your background into a haunted atmosphere, while your face turns into a large ectoplasmic pumpkin with ghoulish green and purple colors.


Spooky Eyes Effect

The Spooky Eyes Effect gives your eyes a golden, otherworldly glow. TikToker @imlexiestrella shared the creepy look with a scary clown makeup, and the result is terrifying:


Paranormal Cam Effect

The Paranormal Cam Effect bathes your video in a blue-light tinge as you’d see on ghost investigation shows. The screen transforms into a camera screen that's currently recording, and if you wait long enough, you'll see a creepy manifestation begin to appear.


Cursed TikTok

This Cursed TikTok Effect is a creepy option if you’re looking for “ghosts” in your place, and a lot of TikTokers are using it as a fake investigation tool. If you use it on yourself or an object with fake eyes, you’ll see illuminated white beams coming from the sockets.

TikToker @fr0ggi3s.and.k1ss3s scared themself with the lit-up stuffed animal’s eyes.


There’s so much to explore, so be sure to check out all of TikTok’s new Halloween Effects before Oct. 31 to get in on the spooky fun.

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