Pornhub Built A Twerking Robot Butt, And It Can Be Yours For $1,000

I'm convinced Pornhub is the IBM of adult toys.

The inventors of the Wankband and the hopeful producers of the first porno shot in space are pushing the boundaries of what silicon and some light machinery can do.

Meet the TwerkingButt, Pornhub's latest foray into the future of solo sex sessions.


The device features “groundbreaking” CyberSkin technology in order to warm itself to an all-too-real 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has the ability to be used with a VR headset.

Combine that with six massage settings, customizable rhythm controls, an “endless twerking” mode and the ability to sync with a user's video or music playlist, and you've got the next level of the “getting off” experience.

Pornhub teamed up with novelty manufacturer Topco Sales to design the TwerkingButt, and it took the companies four years to make the product safe for human use.

I would never in a million years sign up for that testing job. God bless the first guy to try the TwerkingButt during its beta phase.

The promotional video for the TwerkingButt is rightfully insane.

The regular version of the device sells for $699, and the deluxe version sells for $999 and includes the VR headset.

Sadly, at those prices, the TwerkingButt might be an experience reserved for the top one percent of butt enthusiasts -- or you could get 10 friends to go in on one and treat it like a timeshare. A disgusting timeshare.

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