Teacher Calls Black Students The N-Word In Video

In the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump being elected the 45th president of the United States, hate crimes and examples of racism have spiked all across America.

Alarmingly, quite a few of these cases have taken place inside classrooms.

In mid-November, John Sousa, a white teacher at Wesley Chapel High School, near Tampa, Florida, allegedly told a group of black students:

Don't make me call Donald Trump and send you back to Africa.

Sousa's actions were deplorable, and he was subsequently suspended from his position for his racist remarks.


Now, we have a white teacher in Baltimore who lost her shit while screaming at her predominantly black students. She used the N-word and said they will "get shot." This is quite possibly the most racist incident to take place inside a classroom in years.

Warning: The video below has graphic language and is extremely disturbing.

A student just sent me this. White teacher, with no classroom management skills, calls Black students "broke ass niggers who will get shot." — Shaun King (@ShaunKing) November 17, 2016

After kicking a student out of class, you can hear the white teacher rant and say,

... broke ass ni**** who's gonna get shot.

You can see the look of shock, horror and revolt on the young man's face seated directly in front of the teacher's line of fire. After she utters those disgusting words, the whole class appears to erupt in a state of anger and disbelief.


The video was reportedly sent to NY Daily News senior justice writer Shaun King by one of the students in the classroom.

King uploaded the shocking video to Twitter with the following caption:

White teacher calls black students "broke ass niggers who'll get shot" Oh hell no! A student just sent this to me. This white teacher literally said to a classroom full of Black students, "You are going to be a bunch of broke ass niggers who get shot."

I really am at a loss for words. Is this part of the plan to make America great again, Mr. Trump?

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