Here are the strongest Starbucks vanilla drinks that will give you a boost.
6 Starbucks Vanilla Drinks That Will Give You A Boost

Pro tip: Add espresso to your Frappuccino.

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Starbucks has plenty of strong drinks for those looking for a pick-me-up. Whether you need a sip to get your morning started (or a coffee to keep you going in the afternoon), you probably want to consider taste and caffeine counts. Vanilla stans have plenty of options at Starbucks that serve up the right amount of sweetness and energy. If you don’t usually stray from your go-to order often, here are the details on the six strongest Starbucks vanilla drinks when you're looking for a tasty sip to help you get energized.

While there are plenty of vanilla-flavored items on the official menu, most drinks at Starbucks are customizable, which means drinks that regularly don't have vanilla can be adjusted to include a pump or two of the sweet stuff for an additional cost. So, if you just really don’t want to stray from your classic cuppa, you can always add in a pump of vanilla (or another flavor you’re craving). When you don’t want to think about all that, though, you can just order right from the Starbucks menu, since there are plenty of caffeine-filled vanilla drinks ready to go.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew

For when you want all the energy you can get, try the strongest vanilla Starbucks drink, the Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew. As the name implies, it features the brand’s Nitro Cold Brew topped off with vanilla sweet cream. A grande size comes in at 265 milligrams of caffeine.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

If you really need a vanilla-flavored wake-up call, Starbucks' Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is the drink for you. With a whopping 185 milligrams of caffeine in a grande size, this creamy drink packs almost double the amount of caffeine compared to a standard eight-ounce cup of coffee. With slow-steeped Starbucks Cold Brew and house made vanilla sweet cream, you can't go wrong.

Vanilla Blonde Latte (Hot or Iced)

If you're looking for an OG pick-me-up, you’ll want to check out Starbucks' Vanilla Blonde Lattes. These classic drinks are made with espresso, your choice of milk, and vanilla syrup — they’re available hot or iced. A grande size of this sip delivers 170 milligrams of caffeine.

Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte

Starbucks' Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte will really hit the spot if you're craving something sweet. With vanilla and coconut milk topped with espresso, it packs 140 milligrams of caffeine in a grande size. This cold beverage will fuel even the busiest of mornings.

Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino Blended Coffee

Who says Frappuccinos can't have a kick? Starbucks' Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino has 95 milligrams of caffeine in a grande and is chock-full of sweet, vanilla-y goodness in each sip. It's the perfect comfort drink — and also a great way to get you up.

Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino Blended Beverage

Starbucks Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino Blended Beverage is a decadent combo of vanilla bean, milk, and ice finished off with whipped cream. Though a grande size of the sip contains 0 milligrams of caffeine, you have the option to make it “affogato-style” by adding an espresso shot. A 1.5-ounce Starbucks Espresso shot has 150 milligrams of caffeine, which will give your sweet vanilla sip a kick.

With so many vanilla-flavored sips to choose from, you could enjoy a new caffeinated sip every day for a whole week. You're sure to get the energy boost you need with a little vanilla flavor to boot.

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