Stranger Finds Girl’s Heartbreaking Letter On Feeling ‘Guilty’ Over London Attack

by Alexandra Strickler

An anonymous Muslim teen left behind a handwritten letter on a London bus, in which she expressed her distress following the Westminster terror attack.

The letter, which was found on a Number 53 bus, does not give any details about the girl behind the pen. She only identifies herself as "a Londoner aged 14 years old and I also happen to be a black Muslim."

The note has resonated with many Muslim Londoners who, after the devastating attack on their city, feel shocked, heartbroken and worried fingers will be pointed at them.


The teen began her letter by imploring whoever came upon it to "please read my letter."

She wrote,

After the tragedies at the Westminster attack I came to the decision that I wanted to do something. A horrible, horrible thing happened right in the heart of London a place I love so very much. After hearing of the attack I was very agitated and scared for the people of London and the victims.

The 14-year-old girl went on to describe how she felt at school the day after the attack, which took the lives of five people and injured 50 more.

She worried "people would expect answers" from her, simply because she is Muslim.

She continued,

As I walked out the door at 8.15 as I usually do and as I saw the familiar faces of my everyday endeavors I wondered what they were thinking I tried my best and walked on smiling, hoping for smile back. Some were returned and some weren't. I went into form and as we spoke about the current affairs I felt all eyes on me. I felt flushed and hot suddenly – almost guilty? What do I have to be guilty for? I couldn't determine if I was being paranoid or eyes were darting to the corner of the room to where I was sitting.

The young girl described the fear she now grapples with as she walks down London streets while wearing her hijab.

Despite those fears, she still expressed her desire to build a life for herself in the city. She wants her future children to "see the beauty of London and the amazing people who live here."

The teen concluded her touching letter,

All I ask is someone learns something from this letter even if all they learn is that I have terrible handwriting

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