Everything We Know About The Attack At The UK Parliament So Far


Update 2:23 pm EST:

Four people in total, including the police officer who was stabbed and the attacker, have been killed, BBC News reports.

At least 20 people are injured.

Update 12:40 pm EST:

It's been confirmed that at least one person, a woman, died during Westminster Bridge incident, according to BBC News.

The White House also reported President Donald Trump has been briefed on the attack. Responding to the news, Trump said,

Hearing some big news having to do with London. It just happened.

The president didn't add anything after that.

People have now started a solidarity movement on Twitter and other social media platforms under #PrayForLondon.

Many are very concerned about the violent incident and are also disturbed by the gruesome images that have emerged out of the incident in London.

On Wednesday, a police officer was stabbed at the UK Parliament and an assailant was shot by armed police who were in the area, according to BBC News.

Here's what we know about the attack so far:

Police are treating the attack as a "terrorist incident."

The House of Commons was placed on lockdown and Prime Minister Theresa May was seen being rushed away from the scene in a silver Jaguar.

David Lidington, the leader of the House of Commons, told lawmakers,

At the moment, the very clear advice from the police and the director of security in the house is that we should remain under suspension, and that the chamber should remain in lockdown until we've received advice that it is safe to go back to normal procedures.

An air ambulance reported to the scene of the incident to help those who were injured.

There was also an incident on Westminster Bridge in which a car "mowed down at least 5 people," according to a witness.

According to BBC News, the car "deliberately" hit pedestrians, and this occurred roughly around the same time as the incident at Parliament.

We will continue to provide updates on this as details emerge.