These 'Squid Game' Snapchat lenses feature the Front Man and the creepy robot doll.

Turn Into Squid Game’s Front Man And Robot Doll With These 9 Snapchat Lenses

Put yourself in the game, if you dare...


Since Squid Game hit Netflix in September 2021, fans have been losing it over the Korean survival drama. With its creepy plot and nightmarish kids games, there’s a reason it’s a marathon-worthy choice. If you’ve already breezed through Season 1, you can continue your love of the show by using some themed Snapchat Lenses. Get ready to put yourself right in the games because these nine Squid Game Snapchat Lenses include some of the creepiest characters.

Squid Game’s deadly kids' games are the stuff of nightmares, and if you still can’t get enough of the nine-episode survival series, these Snapchat Lenses will satisfy even the biggest stans. The Squid Game Lenses are trending on Snapchat’s Spotlight as of mid-October, and whether you plan to share your Snaps of the Lenses there or not, you can also enjoy watching people’s creative (and sometimes hilarious) videos inspired by the lenses. Snapchat has so many options to transform yourself into the creepy characters from Season 1, including the robot doll from the intense round of “Red Light, Green Light.” You can find most of these Snapchat Lenses by heading to Snapchat’s “Explore” tab and searching “Squid Game.”

Other Squid Game-inspired Lenses are under search terms like “Squid Game Doll” and “Squid Game Player” if you’re looking for something specific. After you’ve found the Lenses you want to use, you can tap the “favorite” button to save it to your Favorite Lenses section.

1. Squid Game Robot Doll

You can find the robot doll Lens, created by Regina Jasmine, at the top of the search results after you type in “Squid Game.” Called the “squid game doll” Lens, the creepy robot looks like the doll in the series that led the “Red Light, Green Light” game. The filter uses your mouth so you can express yourself through the creepy doll’s face. If you don’t stop when she stops, you’re doomed.

Regina Jasmine/Snapchat

2. The Front Man

To transform into the mysterious leader of the game, the Front Man, search the “squid game” Lens by Lens Creator Ali Matar. Featuring translucent-colored shapes that float around you and the creepy metallic look of the mask, it’s a lot like the show.

Ali Matar/Snapchat

3. 3-D Robot Doll

If you’d rather Snap a full-size robot doll, try the “Squid Game Doll” Lens from agreeable greg. Featuring details like the creepy elbows and hands, this Lens isn’t for the faint of heart.

agreeable greg/Snapchat

4. The Guard Lens

This “Squid Game” Lens from creator Don Allen III will transform you into a member of the Guard, from the pink uniform to the face mask with the triangle symbol on it.

Don Allen III/Snapchat

5. Squid Game Front Man Lens

Another option featuring the Front Man mask is the “Squid Game Mask” Lens from agreeable greg. This mask doesn’t include the black cloak or geometric symbols and also appears as a slightly darker color.

agreeable greg/Snapchat

6. Squid Game Player

Transform yourself into a player from Squid Game with this “Squid Game Player” Snapchat Lens from creator Pokevon. Complete with blood on your face and your number, 456, it’s perfect for any spooky snaps inspired by the show.


7. Squid Game Symbol Card

The circle, triangle, and square symbols that pop up throughout Squid Game have a multi-layered meaning, but this “SQUID GAME” Snapchat Lens from creator s0w_night looks like a giant invite card to the deadly competition.


8. Show Promo Lens

If you want to rep your love of Squid Game without transforming your face, you can use this “Squid game filter” Lens from creator Hamo Gardi. Featuring pictures of your fave characters and the show’s logo, it might make you want to stream it all over again.

Hamo Gardi/Snapchat

9. Robot Doll Body Lens

You can transform your surroundings into the creepy field from the show, complete with a full-body version of the robot doll when you search “Squid Game - Body” from Arrow V. Watch in horror (or delight) as she dances around the area.

Arrow V./Snapchat

In addition to these creepy Lenses, there are more Squid Game Snapchat filters on the app — all you need to is search in the “Explore” section and try not to get too scared.