Shake Shack is testing a non-dairy, vegan shake that could be a game-changer.

Shake Shack Is Testing A Non-Dairy, Vegan Shake That Could Be A Game-Changer

It only comes in one flavor, but it’s a *good* one.

Courtesy of Shake Shack

If you’re a Shake Shack stan, you’re in for real treat — depending on where you live, that is. Shake Shack recently announced a test of a non-dairy, vegan shake that could be a game-changer for anyone looking for plant-based sweets. Oh, and the test comes with a seriously sweet non-dairy frozen custard. If you’re near the select East Coast locations in two lucky states, you’re gonna want to swing by the burger giant before the test is over. Here’s the rundown on the new chocolate plant-based menu items.

Shake Shack began rolling out the exclusive non-dairy shake and custard test at select New York City and Florida locations on May 17. IYDK, the test marks the company’s first foray into vegan-friendly milkshake and frozen custard options. Though it’s important to note, that while the NotCo refers to the non-dairy shake and custard as vegan, they’re not vegan certified. “Both the frozen custard and shake are vegan, not having any animal ingredients nor having any of its ingredients tested on animals. However it is not vegan certified via as NotMilk is,” a NotCo spokesperson tells Elite Daily in an email. That’s because the shake and custard are made in facilities that also process dairy products. The NotCo spokesperson adds that “very strict and separate allergen testing is done on every batch, and anything that registers potential cross dairy contamination is not released to market.”

Now that you’ve got the deets on the vegan status, here’s what you can enjoy in the test: a Non-Dairy Chocolate Shake and Non-Dairy Chocolate Frozen Custard.

To make this test possible, Shake Shack teamed up with NotCo to transform the plant-based producer’s delicious non-dairy custard into two limited-time menu offerings. Shake Shack’s Non-Dairy Frozen Custard is a heaping scoop of NotCo’s chocolate frozen custard on its own, and the Non-Dairy Chocolate Shake is made by hand-spinning the same creamy custard with the NotCo’s NotMilk. Not milk? OK, this sounds like something I cannot miss. Pricing for the vegan-friendly shake starts at $6.19, while one scoop of the non-dairy frozen custard has a starting price of $4.69.

Florida is a big state, and New York has no shortage of Shake Shack locations to choose from, but luckily you won’t have to around for hours to find a restaurant that’s running the test, because on May 17, Shake Shack tweeted out the locations that carry the new menu items in both states. The locations in Florida are:

  • Winter Park​
  • Garden Mall​
  • Miami Beach​
  • The Falls ​
  • Coral Gables​

And the New York City locations are:

  • Astor Place
  • Midtown East ​
  • Harlem ​
  • Upper East Side ​
  • Battery Park City

Though it’s unclear how long the test will last, the non-dairy treats are only available for a limited time. To be safe, and to secure some major bragging rights, you’ll probably want to grab yours sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed the test goes well, and that Shake Shack-lovers in other cities will get to taste that dairy-free goodness one day, too.

If you plan on heading over to Shake Shack to test the new plant-based products, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules before you go.