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Here's What You Should Know About Who's Watching The Videos On Your Instagram

It’s not that easy.

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Instagram has made it increasingly easy to see who's keeping tabs on you, and for you to do the same. While you can see if your crush has been watching your Instagram Stories simply by tapping a button, though, it's a little harder to track when it comes to the posts or videos you share on your Instagram feed. Considering you can only see who "liked" your posts, you might be wondering if you can somehow see who viewed your Instagram videos. Here's how that all works.

When Instagram first rolled out its Story feature back in 2016, it was a game-changer for the app. For the first time, Instagram users could see exactly who was viewing their content by checking out the viewing feature on their Instagram Story. Before that, the only way to tell that your ex or your crush (or anyone else, really) was checking out your social media activity was if they followed you or actively liked your photos.

While the Story feature has now become mainstream, checking to see who viewed your content works a little differently when it comes to Instagram's OG features like photo and video posts. When you post a video on your feed, you will be notified about how many "likes" and "views" you've gotten. The number of “views” is based on how many people watched your video for at least three seconds, but it doesn’t count re-watches. And to answer the big question — the identity behind the video views is still a mystery. In other words, you won't know whether your aunt, your crush, or your bestie were one of the 120 people who watched that video on your Instagram feed unless they physically "liked" it or commented on it.

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The only other way that you'll be able to see if someone saw your video is if you re-post the video itself to your Instagram Story and then check the list of viewers there. (But don’t just share your feed post to your Story — if they “view” your Story then, you’re really only getting confirmation that they saw the still shot of the video from your feed when they checked your Story. You still don’t know if they clicked the post, got sent to your feed, and watched the video from there.)

Now, let’s talk about what happens when you don’t want someone to view your Instagram videos. While the only surefire way to prevent someone from looking at your Instagram profile is by blocking them, you can also hide a particular Instagram Story from them if you don't want them to see your day-to-day life. Once you create a snap for your Instagram Story, you can select the icon in the lower right hand corner to go into your Story Settings. Once there, you can choose to "Hide Story” from certain people who follow your profile.

If you don’t want someone to view a photo or video you posted to your Instagram feed, however, it’s a little harder. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to hide just one post from someone. In order to hide your posts, you’d have to block them if they’re following you or make your Instagram private if they’re not already following you.

Meanwhile, if you want to hide all your Story posts from someone, you can go to Privacy in your Settings. Under Interactions, you can tap “Story” to hide your Story from certain people or designate a group of people as your Close Friends. In addition, you can opt to allow only certain people to send you message replies (you can choose between allowing replies from everyone who follows you, only people you follow, or no replies at all) and control who can share your Story as messages to others.

So, there you have it. In the age of information overload, it's kind of a relief that social media users don't have one more detail to obsess over, especially if an ex or someone who ghosted you is still watching your Stories and looking at your feed.

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