Before You Stalk Your Ex's Instagram Story, You Should Know This Sneaky Detail


Guys, there's something you should know about Instagram Stories.

We're letting you in on this because we all know how much you like to stalk your ex, or ex's new partner (I feel your pain, bro, but don't worry — she wasn't worth it and you can do better).

Put bluntly, people know who has viewed their Stories.

This is different to Snapchat (albeit one of a handful of differences) because Instagram allows you to view the random people you aren't following who have viewed your Story then click through to their profiles.


In turn, you can watch theirs — but they will be able to see you've viewed their Story as well.

Does this mean you should hang up your stalking hat?

PAH. Don't be silly, this is 2016 and we have a right to stalk and be very passive aggressive about how we deal with heartbreak.

Just stick to scrolling through their normal Instagram feed.

Or, you know, sack up and move on with your life like an adult.

If you've missed the Instagram Story hype or are resisting the urge to follow the sheeple, it's time to join us.

Here's a beginner's guide to get things started:

So, how do you know if it's available to you yet? When you open Instagram, your home screen will look like this:

Claudia Fisher

To start using the feature, take an Insta pic as per usual, and then save it to your Story:

Claudia Fisher

Make it pretty:

Claudia Fisher


Claudia Fisher

You can also choose whom you want to share your Story with...

Claudia Fisher

...and see who viewed your story.

Claudia Fisher

You can add to these stories as much as you want because after 24 hours, they disappear.