Scorpion Stings Passenger After Falling Into Hair On United Flight, Of Course

by Rayne Ellis

If you thought the United Airlines PR nightmare was over, you thought wrong.

To end what many would call the worst week in the company's history (with its stock falling over a billion dollars), something else pretty awful happened.

No, there weren't any little girls denied access to a flight for wearing leggings.

And no, another paying customer wasn't bloodied and battered before being dragged off the plane.

After all of that chaos, it should be no surprise that A LITERAL SCORPION fell onto a passenger's head.

Apparently, passengers Richard and Linda Bell were on their way home from a two-week vacation in Mexico. So while relaxing on the connecting flight from Houston to their final destination in Calgary, a scorpion fell on Richard's head.

For a terrifying reminder, here's what a scorpion looks like.

Supposedly Richard didn't even notice a poisonous insect was chilling on his head until another passenger pointed it out.

Holy shit. 

So after removing the scorpion from his hair and onto the tray in front of him, he tried to pick it up again (why?!) and it stung him.

Another passenger did the smart thing and stomped it to death before flushing it in the toilet.


When the plane landed in Calgary, emergency personnel rushed on to treat him, but he showed "no signs of distress" and denied medical attention, according to the EMS spokesperson.

You might be wondering, how the heck did this happen?!

The most likely scenario is the nefarious little creature attached itself to someone's luggage, and then crawled out of the overhead bin to pay Richard a visit.

And although it might seem opportune to blame United since it has been rather careless recently, this isn't the first instance of a scorpion flying for free.

In 2015, the New York Post reported about a man on the way from Bogotá, Colombia to Mexico City who was stung so severely he began to hallucinate.

And again in 2015, on an Alaskan Airlines flight, a woman was stung by a scorpion right before take-off. She refused medical services, but immediately got off the plane because no one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

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