Rush Week Was Canceled After A Highly Contagious Disease Broke Out At FSU

This year has not been great for health in Florida. Have you heard about the whole Zika thing? It's pretty scary.

Well, things just took a turn for the worse on Florida State University's campus.

Yep, over a dozen students have confirmed cases of hand, foot and mouth disease in the middle of rush week.

Rush week is a terrible time for a disease outbreak, especially one as contagious as this illness.

I mean, it's all about meeting new people. You're shaking people's hands. You're packed into crowded rooms. You're probably hooking up. There are so many opportunities for germs to spread. Gross.

What exactly is hand, foot and mouth disease? Well, the illness causes a rash to break out on — you guessed it — your hands, feet and mouth. Sometimes, it can spread to the legs and butt.

It's not really a good look, and it's actually pretty common for toddlers and babies to get.

If you have hand, foot and mouth disease, you don't actually see the symptoms for the first few days. Yikes.

The rash is pretty painful, but according to WebMD, it goes away on its own in a week. Until then, people who have it should take some ibuprofen and probably stay away from other people.

Florida State University promptly canceled rush week for everyone, hoping to slow down the spread. Maybe the university will let rush week happen when everyone is free from itchy-rash hell?

We hope you feel better soon, FSU.

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