Here are eight rugs like TikTok's viral ghost rug just in time for spooky season.

TikTokers Love This Hard-To-Find Ghost Rug — Here Are 8 More Just Like It

They’re all so boo-tiful.

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Halloween is still a couple of months away, but TikTokers are already finding the cutest decorations for spooky season. One of these awesome finds going viral on the app is a ghost rug being sold at Marshalls for Halloween, and it’s honestly adorable. Unfortunately, the rug may be pretty hard to find since the home goods store has varying stock. Don’t fret, though because these eight rugs like TikTok’s viral ghost rug will totally help you decorate your space.

Although it’s not unusual for seemingly random items to go viral on TikTok (looking at you, pasta chips), you may not have expected Halloween décor to hit quite so early. But here we are in August, and retailers are rolling out the seasonal home goods featuring ghosts and ghouls — and the viral ghost rug spotted on TikTok is one of the hottest picks. It’s unclear when the trend officially began, but it seems to have picked up speed after TikToker @mainstreetfam posted a TikTok about finding a black ghost rug at Marshalls on Aug. 6.

As of Aug. 12, there have been a ton of TikTok videos featuring the ghost rugs and over 5 million views for the hashtag #ghostrug.

The two different ghost rugs TikTokers are talking about are both available at Marshalls stores, but they aren’t available online. The first rug features a black background with little white ghosts all over it that sells for $24.99.


The second rug is shaped like a ghost with a white background and black accents. Since the two ghost rugs from Marshalls are only available at select stores, according to T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, you should buy one ASAP if you find one at your local stop. The brand also suggests checking out the T.J. Maxx and Marshalls websites for other holiday finds.


If you want a ghost rug, though, there are plenty of other options you may want to consider that are similar to TikTok’s viral ghost rug, and you can get them shipped straight to your door.

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This ghost rug from Kohl’s features an orange background and more of a cute aesthetic, but it’s perfect for spooky season:

This rug is a take on the viral ghost rug with a couple of twists — it lights up and it’s a doormat:

This black mat works for both indoor and outdoor use:

This is an indoor/outdoor mat that gives off those ghost rug vibes:

You’ll find the same vibes on Etsy:

And there are other options if you’re hoping to greet guests with a “Boo”:

Last, but not least, you can spook out your bathroom with a ghost bath runner:

With so many different options, no one should be left out of the ghostly vibes this Halloween season. Whether you plan to order a different rug or try to find the viral TikTok ghost rug at your local Marshalls, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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