Radio DJ Blasts Cop On Air For Denying Alton Sterling Shooting 'Looked Bad'


After the circulation of a video showing Baton Rouge police killing Alton Sterling, another video went viral on Wednesday.

That video showed HOT 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg berating an officer, who was seemingly invited onto the network's airwaves to discuss the shooting, for failing to say the video of Sterling's death at the hands of cops "looked bad."

The one-minute clip begins with Rosenberg asking,

As an officer yourself, it looks bad, though, no?

When the officer stumbles over his words and avoids agreeing with Rosenberg's assessment, the host went off.

. @Rosenbergradio loses it on police officer over #AltonSterling killing #EbroInTheMorning — HOT 97 (@HOT97) July 6, 2016

The moment happened during HOT 97's airing of the Ebro in the Morning show, on which Rosenberg is a co-host, along with Laura Stylez, who can be heard in the background encoring Rosenberg during his rant.

Like many radio hosts, Rosenberg and co. began focusing on the story of Sterling's death after a video was released showing cops firing shots into his chest after Sterling was tackled to the ground.

A day after the Sterling video was released, a similar video from Minnesota made its way online, after a woman live-streamed the aftermath of her boyfriend getting shot to death by police during what she says was a routine traffic stop for a busted taillight.

Governors in both states have asked the Department of Justice to handle investigations for the shootings.

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