Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Ketchup is here, and it's a big surprise.

Wait, The Queen Of England Just Launched Her Own Ketchup Brand

Did not see this coming.

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The Queen of England is capitalizing on condiments, and it’s an unexpected move for the royal. On Jan. 28, pretty much everyone was surprised to learn Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Ketchup is the royal’s next venture, and the condiment joins a Sandringham brown sauce as well. Here’s everything to know about the sauce line.

Queen Elizabeth’s new condiment line includes two sauces: Sandringham Ketchup and Sandringham Brown Sauce, per The Sun. The condiments are sold at the royal Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England. As for what’s in them, the regal ketchup and brown sauce include ingredients from the grounds of the Sandringham estate and are made on the premises. According to the publication, the Sandringham Ketchup includes dates, apple juice, and spices and is “ideal for breakfast or any time of the day.” Meanwhile, the brown sauce is “packed with vinegar and spices.” Unfortunately, it appears they’re only available at Sandringham estate for now, which means U.S. stans won’t be able to snag a bottle unless they make the trip across the pond.

The Sandringham Ketchup and Brown Sauce are selling for £6.99 for a 295-gram bottle, which in the United States would translate to around $9.37 per 10-ounce glass bottle.

Despite the surprising efforts to create a royal-approved ketchup, Queen Elizabeth is reportedly a fan of hamburgers. In August 2011, the former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed that the Queen prefers to eat her burger unconventionally: with a knife and fork, sans bun. But that’s not the kicker. Per McGrady, she eats her burgers with cranberries instead of ketchup. After the revelation, the UK’s Foodhub created a “Ma’amburger” and delivered it to Buckingham Palace.

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Although it seems a bit random for Her Royal Highness to release a ketchup, it’s not the first time the Queen has launched food or drink items. For instance, Buckingham Palace unveiled its own gin in 2020, “with many of its citrus and herbal notes sourced from botanicals gathered in the Buckingham Palace Gardens,” per the Buckingham Palace online store.

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There’s also a Sandringham Gin available at Sandringham estate, which UK-based people can also order for delivery online. The Sandringham Gin also includes locally sourced ingredients, such as Sharon fruit, which according to the product description, is “grown in the Walled Garden on a sheltered wall at the end of what was the Persimmon range of glass houses, built on the winnings of the famous racehorse, Persimmon, owned by King Edward VII.”

In 2021, the Queen also approved the launch of beer brewed from plants on the Sandringham estate, available in a “bitter” variety and a “Golden IPA” variety.

With so many foodie endeavors, it’s pretty clear Queen Elizabeth loves a good locally-sourced bite.

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