Popeyes' Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich features a brand new sauce.

Popeyes’ Newest Chicken Sandwich Features A Brand New Sauce

It’s like two sauces in one!

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Courtesy of Popeyes

Remember when the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich had people lining up around the block back in 2019? Well, get ready to do some stretches and throw on your comfiest pair of shoes, because the fan favorite sandwich is back — with a twist. If you thought you liked the OG sandwich before, Popeyes’ Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich features a brand new sauce that’s about to shake up your chicken sandwich routine.

After teasing a new “drop” on Instagram and Twitter on April 27, the company announced the release of the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich on May 3. According to Popeyes, the new bite is made with the same battered and breaded chicken as the first iteration of the Chicken Sandwich, as well as the same buttery soft brioche bun and barrel cured pickles. This time around, though, the sandwich comes lathered in a new Buffalo Ranch sauce that blends the creamy taste of herb buttermilk ranch with the zesty flavors of cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, natural butter flavor, and parsley, according to the company. My mouth is watering already.

So when can you start lining up for the new addition to the chicken sandwich craze? If you want to beat the crowds, you should probably head over to your nearest Popeyes ASAP, because the new bite won’t be here for long.

The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich is available in stores and for delivery nationwide starting May 3 for a limited time. The pricing of the spicy twist on the fan favorite starts at $4.99, and if you’re a Popeyes Rewards member, you can score 150 bonus points on the bite at participating locations when you order yours via the Popeyes app or website.

Though it’s unclear how long the Buffalo Ranch version will stick around for this time, the OG Chicken Sandwich has been known to sell out quickly — like, really quickly — in the past, and if previous drops are any indication, it’s only a matter of time before the new sandwich goes viral on Twitter. So if you want to see how the new recipe measures up against the popular classic, you’ll want to grab yours sooner rather than later. To find a restaurant near you, you can always use the store locator on the Popeyes website.

As you head out the door to snag your very own Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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