Twitter Is Trolling Sean Hannity For How Bad His Donald Trump Jr. Interview Is

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In the continuing saga that is Donald Trump Jr.'s worst week ever, Fox News talking head Sean Hannity hosted President Trump's eldest son on his show Tuesday night to allow Trump Jr. to defend himself against accusations that he colluded with Russia in the election.

While it might not seem like the best idea to publicly discuss possible collusion and treason -- at least not without a lawyer present -- Trump Jr. did it anyways, and Twitter had a lot to say.

Per usual, moments like these are when Twitter is at its best.

In a clip released before the interview, Trump Jr. said he probably would have "done things a little differently" and that he "can't help" what people send him.

(But he could have helped responding "I love it" to an offer to conspire with foreign agents against his father's opponent. So, you know.)

I mean, it was a whole thing.

And while Trump Jr.'s brother, Eric, and father have defended him, most people are just watching eldest Trump child continue to put his foot in his mouth with utter glee.

Before the show even started, the excitement was palpable, like electricity in the air before a storm.

Which actually kind of happened. (Are you psychic, Tony Posnanski?)

Hannity ran out of questions to ask him — despite spending a significant portion of the interview talking about former opponent Hillary Clinton — and told Junior that he appreciated the beleaguered son of the president answering all the questions he could think of.

The Fox News figure has been a staunch supporter of President Trump -- and, by extension, his family -- since early in Trump's presidential run, to the point that some have sarcastically pondered if he works for Fox or Trump.

I mean...

But anyways, once the interview started, people were living for it. Especially for Hannity's undying devotion to the Trump family.

Given the, uh, relatively easy nature with which Hannity questioned Junior, he's being roasted for his interview skills and journalistic integrity -- or lack thereof.

Even fellow Fox News contributors were like, "Sean, WYD?"

Hannity perhaps forgets that he is, himself, a member of the media (you know, by having a TV show on a major news outlet). He sure seemed proud of himself at the end of the day, though.

Well, at least someone was.